Reached the Top 3, Fnatic Rolled Digital Chaos at The International 2016

Saturday early morning on Dota 2 International 2016, Digital Chaos secured a position in the top 3 after beating Fnatic team in the lower bracket with a score of 2-0.

On the first day, TI6 dropped in the lower bracket, Digital Chaos again showed its fangs after defeating the team LGD, TNC Pro Team, EHOME and Fnatic.

After entering the top three, Digital Chaos can at least bring home a prize of USD 2.1 million if they lose to Evil Geniuses from America. However, Digital Chaos also has the opportunity to qualify for the Grand Final, but to qualify for the grand final to face Wings Gaming, they must defeat Evil Geniuses, who are the defending champions, in The International 2016 best-of three lower bracket final.

Source Image: twit.dota2
Source Image: twit.dota2

Previously, Fnatic had also beaten Escape Gaming, Alliance, Team Liquid and MVP Phoenix, but unfortunately they have to go home after losing to Digital Chaos in two straight games.

The first DC game chose three core heroes: ursa, slark and dark seer. However, Fnatic was unable to exceed the net worth of DC until finally it called again at 48:56. DC collected 50k net worth at the end of the game.

In the second game, Invoker “W33” sunstrike and his cool combination of skills can destroy Fnatic’s defense even though Fnatic tries to push to destroy the tower, but the effort he does only gets one tower. until finally DC can destroy 2 towers at the end of the match and Mega creeps. Fnatic call GG at 47:52 minutes