Ready to Start a War between Heroes in Guild War?

Triumph Over Pain (TOP) is back with the latest update to fulfill the desires of Heroes (the title for TOP players). Of course, this update will be even more complete with the opening of the Guild War feature that has been waiting for!

Guild War

The continent of Leshult must be prepared to be rocked by the biggest war in Triumph Over Pain. Now the Guild War is here to prove who the Strongest Guild is on the Leshult Continent! Make sure that title goes to your Guild!

With the Guild War, the Guild features are also being maximized for the sake of cohesiveness and togetherness of the players, you know! One of them is the player nickname modification feature. So you can use it by including the Guild name in front of the nickname or modify it as you like.

Duelist Triumph 3 VS 3

There’s nothing more exciting when playing online games and dueling other players! In this latest update, TOP presents a new feature: Duealist Triumph 3 VS 3. What’s more, players will be able to invite friends on the TOP Friend List to become opponents or friends in the battle.

Meanwhile, for Team PVP Arena mode, in this new update matches will be able to start with at least 2 real players and the system will help to enter 4 AIs.

New Costume: Forest Set

Undoubtedly, the appearance of the character is indeed one of the pride of TOP players. Moreover, every costume attached to a character adds a certain status and effect.

The Forest costume, the newest costume presented by the TOP developer, is complete with fantasy elements in the design. Of course this theme fits perfectly with the theme of the TOP game itself which contains elements of fantasy in it.

Hurry up and get this Forest Set in the latest version of the TOP!

Event: Welcome Back Hero!

Surely after knowing TOP’s latest update features, many heroes want to play again right? Well, that’s perfect because this TOP game always spoils its players with exciting events including one of them: Welcome Back Hero!

In order to welcome the heroes back, TOP will give you a special gift for 28 days, you know! So, special for heroes who have not logged into the TOP game for 25 days, you are entitled to this special prize when you log back into the TOP game! Want to know what the prize is? Hurry up and log in now!

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