Recap MPL Regular Season Week 2 Day 2: Invincible ONIC

Last Saturday, September 16 2018, MPL ID S2 finished the second day of the match, the second week. All matches today reaped the score without reply, 2-0. This is the recap of MPL Regular Season Week 2 Day 2.

Bigetron Esports vs. ONIC Esports

Bigetron Esports who in the first week must be willing to submit to the youth team, BOOM Jr, have to take the bitter pill again because they lost again by ONIC Esports which is currently hot.

Interestingly, the match between these two teams actually has its own story.

The reason is, Eiduart, who is now at ONIC Esports, is a former player Bigetron Player Kill in MPL ID Season 1. Back then, he and Fabiens, who are still at Bigetron, are one of the deadly duo that his opponents fear enough.

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Here, they have to compete against each other for points of victory towards the top of the standings.

Even though on paper Bigetron is a creepy team, in the first game of this match, they have even missed their networth since the early game – even though the number of kills between the two is evenly matched.

Eiduart who uses the Minotaur (which seems to be back in META after a few seasons disappearing) is really going crazy messing up Bigetron’s formation. ONIC Esports really mastered the first game because it managed to finish the game in the 10th minute without any significant resistance.

The match continues to the second game. At the start of the second game, Bigetron still seemed to have a hard time facing ONIC.

Before the seventh minute, ONIC even had a net worth difference of 4k. This advantage was really well guarded by ONIC until the end of the game. Even though it ran longer than the first game, ONIC still managed to end the game with a final score of 8-16.

Oh yeah, for those of you who want to learn to use the reworked version of the Minotaur, you must watch and learn the Eiduart game in these 2 games.

RRQ.O2 vs. EVOS Esports

The second match in the second week of the second day was an ‘el classico’ match between RRQ vs. EVOS Esports. Both are big teams with a myriad of fanatical fans respectively.

Unfortunately, EVOS Esports seems to be losing chemistrysince their defeat in the MSL final which was also against RRQ.O2.

In the first game, Lemon again managed to get Kagura and TUTURU back to play his flagship role, Marksman, as Karrie. In the early days of the game, EVOS Esports actually managed to lead the game.

Unfortunately, approaching mid-game, EVOS Esports did not manage to maintain its superiority. The lemons were so slippery using Kagura and Rooster who is very aggressive playing Gusion really makes EVOS Esports a hassle.

RRQ.O2 also won the first game with a score of 15-8 in the 12th minute.

The second game rolled. Unfortunately, the EVOS Esports game is not like the team that was the runner up of MPL ID Season 1 yesterday.

Only Oura can look stunning in this second game. While JessNoLimit who is actually a great player, for the past two weeks, he seems unable to perform optimally.

Just like the first game, in this second game EVOS actually took the lead again at the beginning of the game. They even got 4k ahead in terms of net worth in the 5th minute. This advantage was still managed to be maintained until the late game.

The second game was very tough because the game even broke through to the 20th minute. However, because of one unfortunate moment, RRQ.O2 managed to turn things around.

They also managed to take advantage of the Lord and end the game on 21 minutes.

For EVOS fans who might be disappointed with their consecutive defeats in 2 weeks, apart from the lack of chemistry, it is important to remember that they may also be unlucky because the 2 opponents they face are tough teams in MPL ID S2. this.

Their first defeat was against ONIC Esports which even managed to overthrow Aerowolf Roxy, the defending champion. Today’s second defeat was also against RRQ.O2 which was arguably in good shape.

Hopefully, our friends from EVOS Esports will not suffer and can catch up with points in the following weeks.

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