Reckless? World Championship 2020 League of Legend Will Still Be Held!

The COVID-19 pandemic has damaged various schedules for various esports competitions. Even so, it seemed like the highest arena of League of Legends, The 2020 World Championship will not be affected by that.

Become the highest event of League of Legends which brings together various strong teams from all corners of the world, the World Championship is undeniably one of the tournaments that awaited every year.

Apart from the titles that Asian teams often win, Worlds is indeed a tournament that has a special place in the hearts of its fans. This reason seems to make the organizers decide to continue holding Worlds 2020.

Worlds 2018. Source: LoL Esports

When several other big tournaments such as The International decide to fail to be held this year, Worlds 2020 is a tournament that is not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which is indeed present in many countries.

Delivered directly by Wei Huang, who is the Shanghai Pudong District Propaganda, at the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, they announced that Worlds 2020 would still be held according to the original plan.

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Shanghai, China is trusted to host this year. With this announcement that does not say there has been a delay or cancellation, this means that Worlds 2020 is still taking October as the implementation date.

This decision certainly sounds quite surprising, especially for the community League of Legends alone. The reason is, the Mid Season Invitational 2020 event for this year was officially canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even so, with the continuation of Worlds 2020 at least it can be a remedy for communities who miss the fierce action of offline matches even though it could be that Worlds 2020 will not allow spectators on the spot.

In addition, of course, there must be a special protocol, both in terms of health checks and others, for the players who will participate in Worlds 2020, considering that the teams that come will be from various parts of the world.