RedBull eSports interview with mouz.MNT

I don’t feel like the Boston Major has passed 4 months! One of the stories that will always be remembered from this event is of course the story of Ad Finem, about their journey to get second place.

Prior to the start of the Kiev Major, the RedBull eSports division had an interview with one of the players from mousesports – the team that acquired Ad Finem earlier this month.

Verros “Maybe Next Time” Apostolos, or better known by the name MNT, he who had the opportunity to interview them. The results of the interview have been translated into Indonesian, and the following is the story:

Congratulations on joining mouz – are there any changes between you?

Thank you! Hmm, not really, we can bootcamp longer which is very helpful and the people at mouz are also very friendly, so all good!

It seems pretty safe if I say your trip in Boston will take everyone by surprise. But your form hasn’t been as good since then – how did you feel before Kiev?

There are indeed some issues in online games which are beyond our control. Plus our mistakes as a team and it all culminates in our poor form before Kiev. Since then we have continued to work hard and we feel confident to face this Major.

Image Courtesy: – MNT in the Boston Major

Do you think the other teams will underestimate you again in Kiev?

Entering Kiev I knew and understood that we certainly would not be viewed as the greatest threat. I also know that there will be no opponent who underestimates us, even on Main Event. When you guys play on best-of-three single elimination, you have to prepare your best. Of course there is no lazing around or playing halfheartedly. There may be occasions where teams do not delve deeper into us at the moment group stageHowever, because all teams are entitled to play on Main Event, it doesn’t really matter.

One of the most popular moments in Dota’s history is when you play Earthshaker against OG in Game 3 in Boston. What crossed your mind at that time?

I remember checking enemy heroes for Gem of True Sight, and I was so focused on doing so play the. Honestly, I don’t remember my team yelling or saying anything, although I believe the opposite! This has been my favorite moment in Dota so far and I believe it is hard to beat!

Your team, especially SsaSpartan, are known for their passion on the inside booth, are you surprised that the other teams are not as passionate as you?

Not really, I think it’s a character and a culture. In general, eSports players are not known to be extroverted people.

How was the meta now before Kiev, in your opinion? Does it still fit the way you play? Is there anything special that you guys have prepared?

In my opinion, the meta is still new now, coupled with the Treant Protector in Captains Mode, a lot of things have changed since the meta in the DAC. I feel confident with playstyle We’ll be in Kiev later, and for sure we’ve prepared something special. Get ready to see Madara play Abaddon carry – it’s coming!

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How difficult is it for a top team to compete (even online) without doing it in the team house? Does this have a big impact, in your opinion?

To be honest, I don’t really like ideas team house. However, I believe that the idea to live with and cam bootp before the big LAN / online event is very important. This helps in the aspects of team growth and preparation.

In your opinion, which team will be the strongest in Kiev? Who do you want to fight later?

Of course, with the DAC just finished, iG seems to be a level above the rest of the team; then there’s OG and EG. I definitely want to fight Wings because we’ve never played them and the match will definitely be interesting, because we are both a very aggressive team. Of course, we want to fight OG again, better in the Grand Final.

What do you think about single elimination? Do you like the format?

I believe single elimination doesn’t really fit Dota 2. Double elimination is much better and defines the teams more clearly, in my opinion. I realized from a spectator perspective, single elimination certainly more interesting, but as a player let alone a person drafter, single elimination is a terrible dream.

It seems that there are still many secrets that this Greek team will keep in the Kiev Major. Hopefully their performance will be better than in Boston. Good luck, mousesports!