Regardless of Gender, the Philippines Mobile Legends Team Will Form a Mixed Team

In the Mobile Legends game, there is actually no gender discrimination, even though most of the players are male, but there is no prohibition for women to play, especially in the Philippines.

Likewise in general competitive events, such as for example in MPL. The MPL tournament is actually all teams are free to form a mixed team, just as in the M series (M1, M2), MSC, MPLI, MDL, and so on are also allowed except WSL.

Even so until now it seems like there are rarely teams that form a mixed team. Teams that include female players on their team roster for general tournaments like MPL are almost non-existent, mostly using only male players.

Therefore, yesterday when the announcement of the Aura Esports team roster at MDL sparked a lot of interest. Because they added two female players, Snow and Haruki, to the MDL roster.

It turns out that similar steps will also be taken in the Philippines. The Sunsparks team from the Philippines also has plans to create a mixed male and female team, and this team will be present in their premier league namely MPL PH.

Sunsparks itself is one of the feared Mobile Legends teams in the Philippines, one of their achievements is winning the title twice in a row at MPL PH season 4 & 5.

mobile legends philippines
Source: Facebook Sunsparks

This team did take a break at MPL PH season 6 because the player was acquired by another team. Recently via their Facebook page, they said they would now be back.

They have also opened registrations for players who are interested in forming the Mobile Legends team again.

The requirement to join is that you have to reach the Mythical Glory rank with at least 2500 points, another requirement is to be able to stay in their Gaming House, and in addition this team has no gender restrictions, aka both men and women can join.

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It turned out that this was what the Sunsparks team wanted, they really wanted to create a Mobile Legends team for the MPL division which did not only contain male or female players, they wanted to create a mixed team.

mobile legends philippines
Source: Facebook Sunsparks

This was expressed by Ralph Andrei “Leathergoodsā€¯Llabres, the coach of Bren Esports who will also work with Sunsparks in forming his team through an interview with ONE Esports.

“We are currently in the process of forming a team that is ready to break boundaries. A team that is not only all men or all women, “ Leathergoods explained.

This of course can lead to changes in the competitive world of Mobile Legends. It is possible that later we will also see female players who also play in MPL Indonesia or other countries, and it could even be that later an MPL team full of female players without male players will emerge.

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Editor: Yubian Asfar