Release Raze and Altamiz, STAR8 Esports Officially Disbands the Mobile Legends Division!

Every day there are more and more teams with divisions Mobile Legends who decided to end the life of the division due to a lack of life-sustaining tournaments and achievements rooster the.

Recently there is one more team which is very unfortunate to be disbanded considering that they have the potential to develop even further.

The team is STAR8 Esports. You may have heard the name of this team, they competed in the third season of Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) and became a dark horse team even though their steps had to be stopped and failed to enter the round. playoffs.

STAR8 esports mobile legends
Source: IESPL

After last July STAR8 Esports was abandoned by Isaiah “XIN“Yehuda Wowiling was then followed by the departure of 3 more players in August namely Tezet, Val, and Paul, the fate of the division Mobile Legends STAR8 Esports is on the line because it only leaves Muhammad “Raze“Fariz and Altamiz.

Jump to the beginning of October this year, STAR8 Esports fans worry Mobile Legends become reality. STAR8 Esports officially released Raze and Altamiz, but not only that, they also released the division Mobile Legends they are aliases disband or disband indefinitely.

Source: Instagram

With the exclusivity of the MPL which has now adopted the system franchise which requires a team to pay a large amount of money to be able to compete.

Coupled with the dim tournament Mobile Legends regional and national classes under MPL that allow teams to nurture and develop their players, the division collapses Mobile Legends the esports team in Indonesia is unstoppable.

Editor: Yubian Asfar