Replacing Ghost, Mikasa Entered the Main Roster of Vici Gaming

As you know, lately the performance of Vici Gaming’s main roster looks quite dim compared to the previous roster when the deadly duet of support “Fy” and “Fenrir” is still together, also with Super who is still filling the midlane, then the bromance duo between Iceiceice and Black ^. Maybe it can be called the best line up ever at Vici Gaming.

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Then came the Vici Gaming Reborn, who only left “Fy” as the old roster and joined some players from VG Potential. Because the performance of VG.R was more visible than the main roster from Vici Gaming, it was finally decided that VG.R would enter the main roster of Vici Gaming.


But back again, Vici Gaming seems to have to swallow a bitter pill because its roster didn’t make it into the Boston Major. They even looked quite overwhelmed at Groupstage, from a total of 9 matches, Vici Gaming only got 4 wins and 5 times lost.

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And it seems to solve this problem, recently Vici Gaming announced the return of their Coach “Mikasa” to fill the main roster to replace the position of “Ghost” who will fill the subs. The Coach himself once filled the roster of VG.Reborn at The International 2016 replacing “Yang”, due to visa issues.

Yes, even though in the end VG.Reborn fell quickly in LB Round 1. Maybe this will be another opportunity for “Mikasa” to show his shrewdness despite being 30 years old.

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Well hopefully this is a good decision for Vici Gaming’s performance in the next matches, Goodluck Mikasa, Goodluck Vici Gaming.