Resolut1on: I Feel Guilty Leaving J.Storm

Roman “Resolut1on“Fominok being a new player surprised everyone, especially because Reso was just confirmed to stay with J.Storm, but in the end moved to VP.

In fact, General Manager VP, Roman Dvoryankin and the team’s media manager went to the airport to welcome Resolut1on and to provide fans with some insight into how and why the transfer happened so late.

“I was at the airport in Los Angeles when my phone started ringing, as when I got calls from many people at the same time. Alexey Berezin (Solo) is among these people and he told me: “I have an idea!” said Roman Dvoryankin in the video for VP, as he was waiting for the Resolut1on plane to land.

“The deal with Alexey is sometimes quite difficult to tell if he’s serious or he’s just having a little ironic conversation,” Dvoryankin added as he continued the story of how Solo called him during vacation time to tell him he wanted to bring Reso to the team.

At that time, J.Storm played with Resolut1on in two active tournaments, Midas Mode 2.0 and Reshuffle Madness and they also had a match in qualifying for ESL One Hamburg. Because of this, discussions with J.Storm were accelerated and negotiations went “fast,” said the General Manager of the VP, who expressed his joy that Reso had joined.


Once he passed through the gate checkout At the airport, Resolut1on is ready for a quick interview and talks about how she has put her “American” dream aside to fulfill one of her biggest career hopes, which is playing with Virtus. pro.

Asked about who approached him, Resolut1on explained that, in fact, he was the one who went first to the VP players and told them that he really wanted to play with them in the new season.

Asked about how he left J.Storm, how the team reacted, Reso admitted it was an emotional one for him.

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Reso VP

“I feel very bad leaving people like that (J.Storm), two days before qualifying (ESL One Hamburg). But, of course, when you are given an opportunity like that, you have to take advantage of that opportunity with all you have, “added Reso.

Regarding the American dream he has enjoyed for the past two years, Resolut1on says he left New York without looking back.

“I just walked away and closed the door, that’s all. A new chapter in my life has begun, ”explained Reso.

Reso also explained he now hopes to become offlaner best and good teammates for