Results of Alter Ego vs Bren Esports Playoff M2 Mobile Legends: Well Played, Alter Ego!

Alter Ego seems to be enjoying the golden opportunity they got to create an arena for revenge against Brens eSports. Previously on games 1, AE even scrambles every line of defense from BRENS.

Even so, AE tends to get carried away with their ambition to avenge the defeat they received in the phase group stage ago. The reason is, AE even had time to do it freeze lane on games 1 when BRENS still had its defense turret solid one.

Of course, this should be very vigilant, considering that BRENS is an opponent that cannot be underestimated. In fact, it does not rule out that minor mistake however, it can be used by BRENS to reverse the situation.

Over Confident

With a temporary score of 1-0, BRENS seemed to challenge AE again during the session draft pick in games 2 is in progress. Apparently, AE’s behavior is on games 1 has got BRENS excited.

This is shown by the actions of BRENS whichcopy as much as 4 hero which AE uses on games 1. As if, BRENS is very confident that it can equalize AE with composition hero which is almost exactly the same as used by AE before.

In the early minutes games 2 took place, AE again reaped success and dominated the match, it looked like a similar scene games 1. However, AE appears over confident and cause them to do minor mistakes.

Where the mistake that AE made because of his carelessness, made 4 members of AE ter-pick off for unnecessary reasons. Add more, games 2 is a momentum for BRENS to successfully equalize to 1-1!

Well Played, Alter Ego

The successful BRENS forced AE to continue to compete until games 3, gain confidence and extra passion from games 2. The reason, action taunting and psy-war which AE did on games 2, it becomes boomerang and turned back to attack AE himself.

This is because, BRENS has the confidence that AE’s defeat at games 2 must have influenced the mentality and performance of the AE. On the other hand, this assumption has actually become a source of motivation and encouragement for BRENS to be more confident.

As a result, BRENS actually completely reversed the dominance that AE did in 2 games earlier in those final games. BRENS ensured that AE did not have a chance to survive from the early minutes of the match.

In fact, Lancelot BRENS KarlTzy was so passionate and very sharp to beat every member of AE and get such fantastic KDA coffers. In the end, BRENS made sure to qualify and face RRQ Hoshi in a decisive match winner lower bracket end tomorrow games 3 at 18 minutes.

With this result, Alter Ego is confirmed to have died and was forced to stop their journey at M2 Singapore 2020 and only leave RRQ Hoshi as a representative of #IndoPride who also still has to insist once more, to secure his ticket to the round M2 Grand Final!