Results of Push Rank Mobile Legends Caster MPL, KB Legends, for 12 days

Almost 3 weeks ago (9/2/2018), Ryan ‘KB’ Batistuta accept the challenge for push rank Mobile Legends. This he initially did to prove that caster it’s not just good at it Too much talking Hahaha…

However, experience results push rankWe think this can also help all my friends who may be itching up and down rank.

Before we go into the results of the challenges, we will review the rules of the challenge game that KB runs on.

  • Have to Solo AKA alone. You can’t invite friends, enemies, especially her boyfriend.
  • Use a new account, plain Warrior 3
  • Diamond is not allowed
  • You have to LIVE all the matches, whether you lose or win.

If you want to watch all the results of the KB match, you can go directly to YouTube channel-in KB Legends.

Without further ado these are the results push rank Mobile legends KB.

I interviewed KB last week actually, February 22, 2018 via Facebook Messenger (sorry Be, if you just wrote it down hahaha…).

So, this result is a family planning experience climbing rank During 12 days (from 9 February – 21 February 2018). During those 12 days, KB managed to achieve Epic Rank with 115 matches and 71.3% winning rate.

KB account statistics for this challenge

I also asked for some notes he felt during this challenge.

According to him, catch up rank from Warrior to Master very EASY (yes, KB wrote it in all capital letters hahaha). “It only took 4 hours from Warrior to Elite to Master.” he said.

It is only at the Grandmaster level that the experience starts to get interesting. “In Grandmaster there are many aliens, some are AFK, Alufeed (use Alucard but noobs), Marksman is blind folder, Mage taste Tank. Nano Nano but keep moving forward. ” KB story.

Apart from the notes in several rank earlier, I also asked about the issue that was circulating about playing time. Is it true that playing Ranked at night is better (because it is said that the children’s players are already sleeping at that time)?

Favorite KB account for this challenge

According to KB, his experience playing at different times is very different. However, the rumors that circulated did not always apply.

“For example, when I was Warrior-Master, I played at 6 pm until 10. Then when I was at GM, I found it strange at that time (which KB also explained above).

Now, at Epic, playing in the morning can get a team of schoolchildren whose bells ring AFK. Play the afternoon there a thrower (on purpose feeding). Horrible afternoon play. Playing at night? The enemy is a jockey … hahhaahaha. ” Add KB.

Then does he have any suggestions that can be shared with the experience earlier?

According to him, just do your best and be prepared to carry the burden to victory.

KB account history for this challenge

“You are a tank, so you are hesitant carry around? Use Balmond, build a full tank (never once build critical!). Are you a Mage? Use Cyclops or Harley. Are you a Fighter / Assassin? Spam Zilong, Saber, and Alucard. What about MM (Marksman)? Don’t, don’t max out MM if you’re solo; there are 1vs9 instead. “

He also added two more tips. Try to keep going farming and push lane. Report annoying players without wasting time on retaliating Too much talking.

Finally, I also asked what he thought the bad habits of most players had a negative impact when chasing them rank.

“Habit player usually when you win, you feel you can 1vs5. The result? In fact, die alone and become a thrower. ” Close KB.