Revenge against Liquid, Newbee Wins ESL One Genting 2018

Sweet revenge! That is the final result of ESL One Genting 2018, where finally Newbee managed to become champion after taking his revenge half a year ago against Team Liquid. Score 3-2 is the final result of these two teams.

You could say, Newbee is not very seeded to become champion. Apart from their fluctuating performance, the minor this time looks so tight. All the strong teams gathered, even Team Liquid who had defeated them in the final of The International.

Being in group B, which looks heavier than group A, Newbee managed to beat his fellow rivals. LFY must be willing to be thrown into the lower bracket when Newbee finally meets Team Liquid. At that time, they had to be willing to acknowledge the superiority of KuroKy et al.

Even so, being thrown into the playoffs through the quarter-finals first, they managed to slaughter Vici Gaming as a countryman rival and Team Secret. Especially for Team Secret, Newbee’s victory was unexpected. Moreover, they managed to get a 2-0 result.

Unlike Liquid. They had swept the group stage, and even went straight to the semifinals to meet Evil Geniuses. So strong, EG was rendered helpless. Even the second game, Team Liquid managed to touch the kill number 21-0. Before the end, the game ended at 40-8 on 36 minutes.

The Grand Final itself comes with so many surprises. Newbee, who managed to win the first game, seemed to spark the hope of revenge for The International 2017. With Kpii’s Tidehunter game, the first game was secured.

Entering the second game, Team Liquid looked more careful by banning Naga Siren. In addition, the Terrorblade pick is one of the main keys to winning a team that gets more protection from an Omniknight. 1-1.

In the third game, the pick of Invoker in Team Liquid excited anyone who watched. But unfortunately, Miracle- failed to show its sharpness. Too often MATUMBAMAN dies from ganks, slowly making Newbee stronger. Game 3, courtesy of Newbee.

Meanwhile, in the fourth game, Queen of Pain from Sccc was bullied in the mid. Resulting in a lame game at the start of the game towards Team Liquid. The aggressiveness that was present from the beginning of the game finally made the grand final this time had to touch the fifth game.

And in this last game, finally the chance for Naga Siren to be played again is here. Newbee took advantage of it. Coupled with the presence of Ursa at Newbee, it also provides a little difficulty in fighting for Team Liquid. Not to mention, how mighty Sccc devour the game with Outworld Devourer with 12 kills.

With this result, Newbee managed to get revenge and became the champion. An additional 200 points for each player makes their current position at No.4.

Also managed to bring home $ 160,000 in prize money of a total of $ 400,000.