RevivaL ID Acquisition of Mobile Legends Team !! Who are they?

RevivaL ID known as an organization that had been involved in various esports genres. Starting from Dota 2, CS: GO, League of Legends, Crossfire to Overwatch!! Unfortunately their names have drowned and have not been heard from since early 2017.

Not the first time, they actually made a roster for mobile esports. Previously they had made a roster Vainglory in mid 2016. But they came back by following one of the games that were currently boom that is Mobile Legends.

Source: Valor Esports Fanpage

They acquired a roster from Valor Extraordinary, one of the teams that made it to the 2018 Indonesia Games Championship. The tournament was the debut of his comeback RevivaL ID. Previously, who was their roster? Here are the names of the players and their favorite heroes.

  • Tantyo “Doyok / RippedJeans“Aditya Saputra (Hayabusa)
  • Ari “August“Kurniawan (Akai)
  • Julian “MurphyMurphy (Chou)
  • Great “BillyPribowo (Helcurt)
  • Andiray “D ea“Tjiutra (Kagura)
  • Ahmad “Man / MaungAbdurrahman (Fanny)

Before being acquired RevivaL ID, the author had an interview Angelicus Mieke as the owner of Valor Extraordinary. In addition, the authors also interviewed Senz Houston as the owner of RevivaL ID.

Source: Valor Esports Fanpage

Valor Extraordinary is one of the teams that gets direct invite to Indonesia Games Championship 2018 after winning MAXcited 2017 in Samarinda. Uniquely, when they became champions, this team had just been formed to participate in this tournament.

In fact, they almost qualify for MPL Season 1, but unfortunately they have to be defeated by SaintJr during the MPL determination round.

You who saw this roster, of course, know Billy who are known as players King Slayer, previously named TeamNxl> who won the MPL Season 1. However, he will only be a player during the IGC and will return to his old team after it ends.

Back to RevivaL ID, what is the reason they are interested in acquiring roster Mobile Legends? “Potency mobile games, especially with the increasing number of tournaments Mobile Legends, made us jump back into forming an esports team, ”said Senz when giving his reasons.

IGC 2018 talent lineup. Image Courtesy: Dunia Games

Besides that, he also chose because he saw rooster potential and he also recognizes Pontianak as one of the biggest producers of Mobile Legends players in Indonesia. Almost all of the players from RevivaL ID comes from Pontianak. Of course this is a good step to spread esports throughout Indonesia.

Before closing the interview, I asked what the target was RevivaL ID in this tournament and the short answer is to become the first champion in the 2018 Indonesia Games Championship.

Will it come back RevivaL ID to the Indonesian esports competition according to what are you targeting? Let’s wait and see!!

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Edited by Jabez Elijah