Revival News Update: RRQ Athena Wins PMSC SEA 2019

As we know, PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 or PMSC 2019 held in Taipei has found the real winner.

Where, yesterday RRQ Athena and Kenboo were entitled to receive a prize of $ 100,000 USD or maybe if it is calculated the equivalent of 1.4 billion rupiah.

Images: PUBG Mobile

At the PMSC SEA 2019 event, there were counted 16 Content Creator who join the reliable teams that follow PUBG Mobile at PMSC.

Then, for the game championship Free Fire, Indonesia or rather the team Island of Gods, managed to defend his title as Asian champion on Free Fire Asia Invitational 2019 by defeating several prestigious teams from various countries in Asia.

For complete news, just take a look at the latest video from Revival News below.