Revival’s Special-CSGO Tutorial: 7 Tips to Play Like a Pro

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a game that can take hundreds to thousands of hours for you to understand and play properly. So that you can thrive on CS: GO, Of course, you need a guide. The following are tips and tricks so you can play better in this game.

1. Deathmatch & Aim Map

As we said before, Counter Strike is a game that can take hundreds to thousands of hours to become proficient. In addition, there are many factors that influence this game, namely accuracy, reaction time, reflex, common sense, grenades, and others. We will discuss these one by one.

  1. Reflex is a game muscle memory, which means how much you remember the place / angle folder or how much remember the hand and arm muscles in overcoming recoil shot.
  2. Reaction time is how fast you react when enemies appear
  3. Accuracy is how precisely you move your crosshair over to your enemy’s head.

So that you can practice these three points, you can rely on workshop map and deathmatch. We recommend the aim_botz map to practice these three points. How do you practice these three points?

  1. You can practice reflex through strafing. With the maps we have provided above, try killing the bots one by one through different angles. For example in the video above, you need to change your position every time you kill someone. It will improve your reflexes.
  2. Reaction time. This actually has a lot to do with our biological condition which means that some people may react more quickly than others. However, you can consume spinach and eggs. Also, try not to think about many things while playing, it will help you to focus.
  3. Accuracy, the way to improve your accuracy is to play a lot workshop map which we have listed above, and Deathmatch. Try to play on Community Server Deathmatch with 128 ticks so you can play against 15 other people.

Besides that, Deathmatch has many benefits apart from increasing the 3 points above.

  1. Learn to survive. In deathmatch (community server), you will play against 15 people (in general). You can learn mendefend site is 1vX.
  2. Entry Fragging. You can learn how to be entry fragger in Deathmatch. To learn this part, try running through the map and killing as many people as possible.

How much time do you need to do Deathmatch? It depends on how quickly you want to increase the 5 factors above. You can do targets such as 100 kills per day, or 3 hours a day. In Dbeathmatch, don’t even think about topfragging or lucky shot, try experimenting with aim you yourself.

2. Game Setting

When you first play, you need to change some settings in the game, such as audio, video, and game settings, such as crosshair, HUD, sensitivity, and viewmodel. Keep in mind, jDon’t change your settings too often because your performance will not be consistent.

If you feel that your sensitivity is not suitable, make it a habit to have mindsetMe suit, not the game suit me“. It will result in your consistency increasing, and this will help greatly in your development.

Watching Pro Games / Playing with higher rank friends

Apart from reading this article, you need to watch professional matches, and of course Point Of View from one of the professional players who are “On-fire“. For example POV Coldzera from SK Gaming against Immortals in de_cache.

Besides that, you also need to play with players whose rank is higher than you. You will automatically play much better because you imitate playstyle from your friends.

3. The economy in the CSGO game

CS: GO has elements of strategy, because it has an economic system. After each round, you will get money. The winners will get more money than the losers. If you have a lot of money, you can get better weapons and equipment, and make the chances of winning in the next round a bigger one.

If you are on the losing team, and your money is low, try not to buy anything in that round. Try saving up for the next round, so you get better weapons. Most likely, you will lose if you buy a gun and your opponent buys a rifle. This condition is named eco.

Because, most likely, you will be in a situation eco round, You are also required to master cheap weapons that can be relied on to minimize your chances of losing.

4. Grenades

Grenades are also an important factor in this game, for example in high-level competition. Try to learn smoke, flash, and grenade tricks from your favorite map, because at the Master Guardian rank and above, grenades are very necessary and can change the situation. You can learn grenade tricks etc. in this workshop map.

5. Gaming Gear

Gaming Gear has taken a big part in your development in this game. We will explain it in a few points.

  1. Mouse. This thing is one of the most important items in CS: GO. Without a mouse, you can’t move the crosshair. However, you can’t go wrong in choosing the mouse. At least 200 thousand or more is required to buy a quality mouse. Don’t choose a mouse because of its features, look for a mouse that is comfortable when held, then consider its features. Indeed, today’s gaming mice are equipped with the best sensor sensors in its class, and more than enough for games like CS: GO.
  2. Headset. Headsets are also a category of items needed in this game, headsets are used to hear sounds in games, such as footsteps, voicechat, and others. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in this sector. Look for a headset that has good sound suppression, a clear mic, and, last but not least, that is comfortable to use.
  3. Keyboard. The gaming keyboard is actually less important in FPS games than the mouse. In fact, the keyboard is not too concerned with in this game, but is only used for basic functions such as movement. Unless you want to enter the professional world, you need a TKL (Ten key-less) keyboard for easy portability. If you already have a working keyboard, try not to replace it if it’s not damaged. The money can be used for other, more important things.

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6. Communication

Communication is very important in this game. Without communication, this game will be even more difficult. However, communication must also be limited. Speak as necessary, don’t disturb your friends while listening step. And don’t be angry if you lose or die. Stay calm so you don’t overwhelm your friend’s mind.

7. Common Sense / Game Sense

This is very important in determining win or loss in a match. As an illustration, if you play dust2 as CT, your friends report that there are no enemies in the Navy, US, and Mid. Where are they? Chances are they will be in T spawn, Tunnel, or B. Players with good gamesense are:

  • Knowing where the enemy is
  • Know how the enemy is playing (for example player B usually plays in the tunnel)
  • Can predict enemy movements
  • Know where the enemy frequently occupies
  • Know a lot of trick smoke, flash, and other grenades
  • Knowing where to go, and what to do (Decision Making)
  • Knowing when to move forward, when to retreat.

Not that a player with a good Gamesense can guess everything. Players with good gamesense have good assumptions and can analyze their play. If he could figure out all the places, that possibility was hackers.

So many tips and tricks RevivalTV can give to readers. Everything written here is the result of the author’s experience while playing CS: GO for more than 3000 hours. Hopefully this article can help players who have difficulty playing CS: GO.

Edited by Jabez Elijah