Revival’s Special: Profile of the Aerowolf Team – The Young and the Danger

Last Saturday, 21 October 2017, I played at the headquarters of one of the new professional gaming teams whose name began to disturb the world of competitive arena. CS: GO. Aerowolf’s name.

Initially, Aerowolf started to steal the attention thanks to one of its players, Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto, who is still 13 years old (in 2017). But slowly, the name Aerowolf began to be reckoned with as a dangerous opponent when they started beating the big names in the Asian region.

image credit: Aerowolf

HLTV noted that Aerowolf managed to beat Mineski from the Philippines at ESEA Open Season 25 Asia Pacific (10 – 26 August 2017) then. The name Aerowolf was also ranked first on the Top Teams list of the tournament. The names f0rsakeN and Histoire also sat in the Top 8 Players there.

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Aerowolf continued its journey of hunting for new prey when it entered the WCA 2017 China Qualifier Wild Card as the only Indonesian team competing there. They escaped group stage by leading the group A standings above ViCi, Flash, TheMongolz, LGD, and others.

Unfortunately, their steps were stopped in the round double elimination when they had to lose against UYA and ViCi.

Aerowolf when signing a collaboration with ASUS ROG

They may indeed be embarking on a long journey. However, one thing is certain, Aerowolf’s potential is so great thanks to its young players.

Apart from that, when the popular utterance on social networks about “kids today” is loud, our friends at Aerowolf who are also young are even more busy practicing and have the ambition to make achievements.

For this reason, I am interested in raising the profile of this one team.

Aerowolf’s headquarters

That day, when I visited, I didn’t get to meet the whole team. There were only Jimmy Lie, the Manager, Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto, Jose “Histoire” Iman, and Anlika “LurkZz” Putra Wahyoedi there.

At the beginning of our chat, I asked about how Aerowolf was formed. Jose also shared that they had actually joined under the banner of a professional team CS: GO another Indonesian origin (whose name was not identified hahaha … you are used to following the gossip in the community CS: GO may know the story).

However, the team is seen as unable to provide certainty in delivering Jose and his friends to the professional stage. Together with his four friends, including f0rsakeN, Jose also founded Aerowolf in May 2017.

“Why is it called Aerowolf?” I also asked.

Jose explained that the name was a combination of 2 words that he chose with his brother. His brother suggested the word “wolf” because wolves are never alone when hunting their prey. They are always with the crowd to achieve the goal.

The name Aero was chosen because “it sounds cool. The meaning like winds like that. So a wind wolf … hahahaJoked Jose.

Then what about Jason who is still 13 years old? Why did he also decide to follow Historie to form a new team?

Jason is posing in a wolf hat

“The salary big here “, said Jason … Nyahahaha… The whole room laughed at his honest answer. “After all, all the players are out. Who would I play with if I was still there (his old team), “added Jason.

Anlika “LurkZz” Putra Wahyoedi, you must have heard his name. He had joined TEAMnxl> but he decided to leave there for his studies. I myself actually had the chance to interview him when he joined nxl> because I happened to be behind the scenes at that team.

Anlika (far left) when joining nxl. Image Credit: TEAMnxl>

He said, Andrew “Bali” Joseph, the Aerowolf Coach, who invited him to join Aerowolf. Anlika, who now looks more mature and mature, adds that at Aerowolf, his teammates are the same age as him, so it is easier for him to arrange training schedules here.

I also continued the chat by asking about the toughest challenges they faced.

Jason said that the toughest challenges he felt were his enemies.

Jose also explained further about the challenge. “We have 3 part-time. Then the enemy is already 5 full-time, they train every day. They also exercise more than us who only 4 times a week. They also have a lot of experience. We are also still looking for experiences too, ”said Jose.

Jose at his desk along with his favorite PC

Anlika also added about the challenges he felt. “For time, because the three of us are still in school too. “Certainly our parents hope that the school will not be left behind, but we still have to follow the training schedule and match schedule,” he said.

“Now it’s communication anyway. Maybe 3 of our players are really quiet. acAp (Ashraf Firdaus) is also not an Indo. So maybe sometimes there are still misunderstandings. But now I have passable. ” Anlika added.

What are you doing LurkZz?

Then what is the solution to overcome these challenges?

Anlika answered wisely, “we already know the solution, but it all takes time. So what we need now is time. “

Target for this year and projections for the end of 2018?

Jose said, “If the target for the end of 2018 is number 1 in Indonesia, it is in Minor (league), and top 3 in SEA (Southeast Asia). At the end of this year, we still have to matengin consistency. Sometimes we still lose to local teams but we can win against foreign teams. “

Finally, I also asked about the team idols from each of them and what kind of team they hope they will become in the future.

G2 Esports wins ESL Pro League S5 – Finals

Anlika admitted, “if the team idol is G2. But, if for example I hope our team like how, SK (Gaming) because their team is very compact. Their 4 players have been so long. “

Meanwhile, Jason mentioned Astralis’ name as his idol team and G2 as the hope of what their team will be like. Because, according to him, G2 played very well, “die one more kill.” Jason said.

Ninja in Pajamas. Image Credit: Team Liquid Wiki

Jose, who was so passionate about talking about his idol teams, admitted, “I used to want to play CS it’s NiP (Ninja in Pajamas). ” Astralis and SK Gaming are also mentioned because teamwork they. He also admires G2 for their hard work.

“They play map control and hard to guess the strategy. They are also not arrogant because they never feel like super team. ” Close Jose.

Aerowolf who is ‘ritual’ before the match. Image Credit: Doc. Aerowolf

In fact, our chat is still going on about how they split their time between school and practice. However, I will write down the results of the chat in another article because this article may be too long.

Finally, from this chat, I honestly really admire our friends at Aerowolf because they seem to firmly say, “don’t underestimate us just because we are young” and they are struggling to prove it.