Revive Machine Feature Comes to OB26 Free Fire (FF) Update!

Revive Machine Feature Comes to OB26 Free Fire (FF) Update!

Soon the OB26 February Free Fire (FF) update will be here soon and of course the players can’t wait to welcome it.

In this update, Garena will bring lots of new things such as new characters, new items, new weapons and many more.

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However, one of the interesting things that Spinners should not miss is the features Revival or Revive Machine which will come the first time on FF!

As reported by the Free Fire Indonesia Instagram post, Revive Machine will be present in Classic mode!

Basically by using this feature, players will be able to revive all of your teammates who have died in the game!

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In this article, we will discuss how to use the latest Revive Machine features!

How to use Revive Machine on FF

There are two ways or methods to use the revive machine:

Method 1

The first thing you have to do to use the Revive machine is to collect FF tokens while the game is in progress.

FF tokens can be found in several locations on the map, and after you collect them you can buy revival cards at the Vending Machines on the map.

Method 2

The second way to use the revival feature is to collect revival points then revive your friends in specific areas on the map.

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