Rex Regum Qeon Announces Collaboration with GoPay

Track record Rex Regum Qeon In the world of esports in Indonesia, the last few years have been quite brilliant. A series of achievements that continue to be obtained, especially from tournaments Dota 2 and Mobile Legends, making Rex Regum Qeon even more expensive in terms of selling value. So it’s no wonder, the esports organization is dubbed as The king this is often the target of sponsors.

Not long ago, Rex Regum Qeon, through their official website, again announced their new collaboration with one of the largest digital companies in Indonesia, namely GoPay.

RRQ x GoPay

Rex Regum Qeon said that they hope this collaboration can further advance both parties, both RRQ and GoPay Indonesia, especially in the development of esports in Indonesia.

“Together with GoPay, RRQ is increasingly convinced that what is being developed in the Indonesian esports world will be much more solid and successful. Moreover, there will be more and more activities with GoPay Indonesia in the future to consistently turn on the positive passion of gaming which has now become a lifestyle. ” said Rex Regum Qeon.

The King also mentioned that in the future there will be more and more activities that they will do with GoPay.

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Even though it sounds interesting, unfortunately Rex Regum Qeon hasn’t mentioned what the activity was like. Maybe for all of you RevivalTV friends who are also big fans of Rex Regum Qeon, you have to be patient a little until the next announcement.

Muhammad ‘Lemon’ Ikhsan, Popular Player of Rex Regum Qeon Mobile Legends Division

As information, GoPay is a digital wallet product made by Gojek Indonesia which is clearly known in Indonesian society today.

Along with the times, of course payment gateway like GoPay, it greatly facilitates transactions at almost all existing transaction levels. Practical and easy have become things that stick in the hearts of people when they hear about and use GoPay.

Let’s look forward to the latest surprises from Rex Regum Qeon with GoPay.