Rex Regum Qeon Signed Collaboration with Kratingdaeng as Main Sponsor

Esports is increasingly viewed positively in Indonesia and is starting to attract interest in products outside of esports to work together. One of the well-known energy drink products in Indonesia, Krating Daeng, collaborates with one of the well-known esports teams, namely Rex Regum Qeon.

Source: Rex Regum Qeon

Cooperation between RRQ and Kratingdaeng as official energy drink from RRQ. The selection of the Rex Regum Qeon team was considered very reasonable.

Apart from being an esports organization that has existed since 2013, RRQ also has various well-known and accomplished esports divisions such as,Dota 2, CS: GO, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Point Blank, and FIFA 18.

Not only that, RRQ also expanded its division to foreign countries, namely Thailand. Currently, RRQ already has two divisions in Thailand, namely Realm of Valor and PUBG Mobile.

RevivalTV had the opportunity to do a live interview Rex Regum Qeon CEO, Andrian “AP” Pauline. He admitted that he was happy and proud of his collaboration with this energy drink with the logo of two red bulls.

“My hope is that with the collaboration with Krating Daeng, esports in Indonesia can certainly develop further. Because brand large companies have started investing in this fast-growing industry.

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Both RRQ and Krating Daeng hope that this collaboration can bring RRQ to a deeper level in the development of esports, especially in Indonesia, “said AP in an interview session.

kratingdaeng indonesia esports championship 2018
Press Conference of Krating Daeng Indonesia Esports Championship 2018. Source:

Kratingdaeng’s entry into the world of esports has been proven by its presence in creating a tournament entitled Kratingdaeng Indonesia Esports Championship (IEC 2018).

No half-hearted there were 10 branches that were contested like Mobile Legends, PUBG, Vainglory, CS: GO, Tekken 7 and competing for a total prize of Rp. 1 billion.

Kratingdaeng itself is an energy drink company. Apart from Indonesia, they have penetrated the world of esports in the European and North American regions. There are 2 teams that are strong with RedBull figures, namely Cloud9 and Team Vitality.

Source: Cloud9

Cloud9 itself is a team that can be said to be leading the positive trend in the esports arena. With the presence of Red Bull as a sponsor on the shoulders, it further solidifies the seriousness of the energy drink with the red bull logo in the North American market.

cloud9 us air force
RUSH CS: GO with the US Air Force. Source: Cloud9

Seeing the interest in unconventional products that collaborate with esports teams in Indonesia, of course, it is increasingly making esports better viewed among the wider community. Will there be other Indonesian esports teams collaborating with products outside of esports?

Edited by Yubian A. Huda