Richard “shox” Papillon’s Documentary Is Out!

A new documentary film about the career path of G2 Esports player, Richard “Shox” Papillon has been released with a duration of nearly 1 hour.

This documentary film was made by French esports media, VaKarM. This film tells the story of Shox’s 7-year career in this 54-minute film.

One that was raised was how the shox journey from playing Counter Strike at an icafe in France, until he signed a contract to play with the world’s largest organizations.

At first glance, Shox is a 1992-born player who has played Counter Strike since 11 years ago until now. This 25 year old player is a very extraordinary player, one of the things he is famous for is his very accurate aim.

Richard has mentioned that he has been playing CS since 2001, at the age of nine to be exact.

In 2016, Shox was ranked as the 6th best player of the year. He is also the best player in France, past Kenny “kennyS” Schrub who finished 13th.

His professional career began in 2008, when he started his journey in the Creativ team. And in March 2009, he joined VeryGames, the French players dream team. He also held the title as one of the best players in France at that time. Unfortunately VeryGames was forced to disband due to several internal problems.

At that time, CS 1.6 has been released, some players are making the transition to 1.6. But Shox stayed at Source, and joined the top teams of the day such as ROCCAT, and 3DMAX.

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Several months passed, Shox rejoined VeryGames along with some of the most popular names in the French esports scenario, Ex6TenZ, NBK, RpK, and SmithZz. But due to internal problems, he came out again at the end of 2012. It was a shox year because it was a shining year CS: GO released to the public. Some professional players have also tried to move to the game.

At the time CS: GO, Richard joined a team that is still known today: call it Epsilon eSports, VeryGames, Titan, Clan-Mystik. LDLC, EnVyUs, and, now, he’s at G2 Esports with his partner, SmithZz.

Shox is a player who has played in all major French organizations to this day. You can see how the performance of the French aimstar is below

Edited by Jabez Elijah