Riot Games Intervenes to Solve the Echo Fox Case!

Riot Games through LCS last Wednesday (15/5/19) has officially taken action related to one of the racism scandals committed by a board of commissioners from Echo Fox named Amit Raizada. He said inappropriate words to the founder of Echo Fox and a former NBA player Rick Fox.

This case, which occurred at the end of April, made Rick Fox decide to sell his stake in Echo Fox to another investor called Venture Partners. Fortunately, until now, this has not happened. He had made a statement that he would remain in the organization he founded if they kicked Amit Raizada from the seat of shareholder commissioner.

The racist attack on Rick Fox could end up injuring the existence of esports in general. (Source: Riot Games)

And finally now Riot Games as the organizer and developer LoL all at once LCS take part in solving this problem. Through LCS commissioner Chris Greeley, Riot Games is giving the #FOXFAM tagged organization a maximum of 60 days ahead to take appropriate action against Amit Raizada.

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From his tone, Riot Games wants to forcibly expel Amit Raizada from the Echo Fox commissioner chair, and of course the LCS realm. And if Echo Fox does not act in the next 60 days, Riot Games will take further action which could lead to the disappearance of slots them in the LCS.

“Words of hatred, threats and bigotry have no place at all in the LCS,”

Mention Greeley in the LCS official statement.

Rick Fox himself formed the Echo Fox esports organization in 2015 by acquiring slots LCS by Gravity Gaming. But now his position on the Echo Fox is like he’s on the line.

Rick Fox. (Source: Showtime)

“I will not support or relate to such behavior and attitudes, which are displayed at the shareholder level. Racism is the curse of what I have fought with brand me, and that kind of discrimination cannot be accepted or tolerated. ” said Rick Fox in his share sales report.

Let’s hope Rick Fox gets a bright path in this case, and hopefully a legendary name like Rick Fox stays and believes in the esports industry!