Riot Games Reveals Their Priority Regarding Wild Rift!

Riot Games Wild Rift has now become the MOBA Mobile game most eagerly awaited by all gamers around the world. And in December, they have also provided wider Open Beta access to other regions.

Given that it’s still Open Beta, we can’t expect much in terms of performance gameswhich some people may feel very lacking. Even so, Riot Games is trying very hard to fix this problem, and wants to provide a more optimal gaming experience.

Brian “FeralPony“Feeney, Wild Rift’s Design Director, has informed us of the situation gamesthem right now, and also reveals what they are doing to solve the problems that arise.

He explained that their priority was to make Wild Rift accessible to many players in a variety of different regions. That way, the more people who access it, the more it is feedback they can accept.

riot wild rift games

This is also intended to make it easier to find a number of problems that often arise during games take place. Riot Games wants to get rid of the deep latency problem immediately games, optimizing matchmaking and many more.

Some of the adjustments they have provided to improve the system matchmaking in Wild Rift, even so the teams will continue to find the best solution for the future.

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Not only that, he also added that they are currently working on changes gameplay massively in the Wild Rift. What kind of changes he means, we’ll just wait update next.

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