RiotKingCobra Reveals Some Changes For Swain

Since getting a rework at the beginning of last year, Swain has emerged as one of the most popular picks. Crowd Control (CC) which is flexible and coupled with high burst damage makes Swain often glanced at by Toplaner and Midlaner.

Its popularity has continued to increase since the Midseason update where Swain also dominates in Botlane. Several nerves were given out at regular intervals to reduce the strength of one of the three highest rulers of the Noxus Empire.

Because of the nerf-nerf, Swain’s popularity is currently fading and needs a buff so that he can compete again with the current meta. Riot also plans to make changes to his kit.

On his personal Twitter, RiotKingCobra revealed some of the changes that Swain will get.

This change will be aimed at three Swain skills, namely Ravenous Flock (Passive), Death’s Hand (Q), and Demonic Ascension as well as the effects of both Demonflare (R).

We start from the passive Ravenous Flock. Soul Fragment which usually only amounted to 5 Souls now became infinite and every Soul Fragment will increase Health Swain by 5 HP. Gather Soul Fragment will also return Swain’s mana.

Which bonus Soul Fragment this is compensation for the change Death’s Hand because Death’s Hand now no longer returns mana when killing opponents.

Death’s Hand no longer returns mana after killing an opponent (source: Surrender @ 20)

Apart from eliminating the mana effect, the piercing effect Death’s Hand which initially will activate when an opponent’s minion dies, now it will immediately activate and stop when hit by an opposing champion. Cooldown and radius get nerfed, but the angle of each projectile bolt is made wider.

The latter, Demonic Ascension get a pretty big change. Activation Demonflare now no longer requires a minimum HP to be activated. You can activate it whenever you want and the damage dealt is equal to the amount of heal that Swain received.

Demonic Ascension seems to be getting stronger (Source: Surrender @ 20)

As long as it is active Swain will get a heal for 5 HP based on the number Soul Fragment and Demonic Ascension now it will also attack all units around it, including even Invisible units. Damage ratio Demonflare also get a change that is fairly significant.

These changes are scheduled to come in the upcoming 9.14 patch and will soon enter PBE for testing. Do you think this change will make Swain OP or will not change Swain’s situation?