RIP Predict, Team Empire Shatters Many Predictions at TI7!

Sometimes some people, including dota 2 lovers, like to give predictions, especially for the TI7 bracket, such as which team will fall first and which team will survive. And it seems that this time there will be many who fail to predict an important match when Evil Geniuses loses a landslide score from Team Empire.

Besides thwarting many people’s predictions for the defeat of Evil Geniuses, it also saddened some of their fanatical fans, they really hope that Evil Geniuses will be able to advance to the Grand Final round and win the Aegis for the second time. But what happens is the performance of Resolut1on really looks very good coupled with very good coordination among the other 4 Empire players.

In addition, in the previous match there was Team Secret vs Team Liquid, it is unfortunate that these two teams had to meet in the second round of the Lower Bracket which made one of them have to leave if they lost the match. Secret looked quite dominant for the first game but it turned out that Liquid was able to reply in the next 2 games.

Both Secret and Evil Geniuses both fell in the top 9 ~ 12 and were entitled to take home a prize of $ 360,037 or the equivalent of 4.7 Billion Rupiah. Meanwhile, the two winning teams, Empire and Liquid, must prepare to fight each other later.

source, fanpage wykrhm reddy