Road to Asia Pacific: Regional Qualification Colorful Dota 2 Tournament Held in 4 Cities. Interested?

If you claim to be good at Dota 2, you must compete in this one tournament. The reason is, the tournament organized by MoobaTV Indonesia will later fly the champions to fight on the international scene in China in the 2017 Colorful Gaming Union event.

This tournament will consist of regional qualifying rounds which will be held in 4 cities with the following details:

  1. Samarinda: 7-8 October 2017
  2. Surabaya: 14-15 October 2017
  3. Palembang: 21-22 October 2017
  4. Jakarta 4-5 November 2017

The winners in the qualifying round will be competed again in the main event in Jakarta, dated 12 November 2017, at TNC Kemanggisan, to fight for a total prize of Rp. 30 million and the opportunity to compete in the Colorful Gaming Union event in China.

Please visit Fanpage MoobaTV Indonesia for more information such as registration and friends if you and your team are interested in competing in this tournament.

Oh yeah, to make this tournament even more lively, there are 4 big Indonesian teams that have won direct invitation, that is:

For those who don’t know, Colorful, who is the main sponsor of this tournament, is a manufacturer of graphics cards, SSDs, and motherboards for PCs.

For me personally, this tournament is indeed very challenging and interesting to follow because most Dota 2 tournaments usually only end at the national level, unlike LoL (aka GPL) tournaments which give champions the opportunity to compete in bigger events.

The 4 big teams invited above can also be a motivation for your team to test whether they are really good or just mostly sponsors … (wkwkwkwkawa)

So, if your team claims to be good, you have the opportunity to compete in the international arena in this tournament. Sok list prey!!