Rocket League Follows in the Footsteps of Other Games Using Esports Team’s Profit Sharing System!

Psyonix as the developer of games Rocket League has officially announced a sizeable change in the field of esports. They will follow the trail games esports other that provides the attributes of a professional team at shop items they.

They named the category “The Esports Shop”. Cosmetic items purchased through this category are concerned with professional teams, and of course will support the struggles of the teams that will compete in the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

It was revealed that 30% of the sales of cosmetic items from each team at The Esports Shop will be given to the team concerned. The sale will also pump up the total prizes from the RLCS event.

Update The Esports Shop official for the Rocket League will be implemented on Tuesday, April 16th.

Here are the 11 esports teams that participated in RLCS:

(Source: Rocket league)

Each team gets a special sticker for 2 Rocket League cars (Octane and Dominus), and 1 banner players per team, and various kinds Wheels for each team.

However, it is still unfortunate that this Pilot Program does not cover other regional divisions. Only North America and Europe can enjoy this program. However, Psyonix through his official statement revealed that there is a possibility of participation of the Australian and South American divisions in the program next season.

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As mentioned earlier, update this will be implemented soon on April 17 midnight West Indonesia Time. After that you can see it in the “shop” section on the main menu.

The Esports Shop will use its own currency, namely “Esports Tokens”. This currency cannot be passed in-game. Items in the Esports Shop are in the “Premium Only” category and cannot be exchanged (trade).

Items in the Esports Shop can be purchased starting at 100 Esports Tokens. To find out the calculation, we present the prices of esports tokens along with the estimated price in rupiah.

  • 100 Tokens – US $ 0.99 (- +) Rp.14,000
  • 600 Tokens – US $ 4.99 (- +) Rp.71,000
  • 1200 Tokens – US $ 9.99 (- +) Rp.141,000
  • 2500 Tokens – US $ 19.99 (- +) Rp.283,000

Different from some concepts from games esports other, Rocket League does not present the whole item which is sold at the Esports Shop. They will offer 6 different items each day that can be purchased. Some have 24 hours, and 48 hours depending on the type item the. This concept adds to the rarity of item obtained by the players.

Concept Revenue Sharing for games esports is nothing new. Already a lot games great who implemented this program. Some of them are CS: GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, and many more.

The Rocket League Championship Series will be even more crowded with the attributes of each team. (Source: EspObserver)

What do you think about the implementation of games Psyonix’s property? Is this very effective in attracting the fans of each team to support the team’s pride in real terms?