Roster Change in Recca eSports Leaks!

A few hours after the nxl> team released BnTeT, Roseau, and FrostMisty, there was a leak that the new UnOfficial roster Team nxl> would include frgd, Soifong, alessa, flx, and Lurkzz. Meanwhile there has been much speculation about the continuing careers of the three former nxl> players, one of which is the rumor that BnTeT will play abroad or Roseau who will join his old teammate Tsukamoto. However, this seems to be debunked after the leak of the Recca eSports roster on SoStronk. Recca’s new unofficial roster includes the entry of BnTeT, Roseau, and FrostMisty, as well as the return of the old player of Team nxl> who was vacuumed, Agung “Sys” Frianto, by placing CS Indonesia veteran Edwin “nextwins” as their Manager.


There is still no confirmation from Recca eSports or the players, but there is a possibility that this roster will certainly become a permanent roster for Recca eSports.

Roster Recca eSports (Unofficial):

Kevin “Xccurate” Susanto

Suhadi “Recca” Wijaya

Albert “FrostMisty” Giovanni

Baskoro “Roseau” Dwi Putra

Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand

Agung “Sys” Frianto

Harry “6fingers”

Edwin “Nextwins” (Manager)