Roster List of 12 Participating Teams of M2 Mobile Legends

Roster List of 12 Participating Teams of M2 Mobile Legends

source: yt Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Roster List of 12 Participating Teams of M2 Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends world championship or M2 World Championships will be held on January 18-24, 2021.

Teams from all over the world will compete for the title of world champion in Mobile Legends.

For the latest update, there is a list of teams from the M2 Mobile Legends World Championships that have been officially announced, it is interesting to watch because the roster format for M2 is different from the previous M1 where the roster lock can change and does not have to be the player who previously brought the team to qualify and enter the championship. world M2.

And this is the roster of the teams that will take part in the M2 World Championships.

RRQ Hoshi – Indonesia

RRQ Hoshi
source: ig

RRQ Hoshi from Indonesia will bring their roster in the last MPL Season 6, minus Liam and the addition of Psychoo to the team. Players who just entered after MPLI from ONIC Esports.

Alter Ego – Indonesia

Alter Ego
source: ig

There is no meaningful change to Alter Ego except for the absence of Yam in their roster on M2 this time.

Todak – Malaysia

source: ig

Xray, Moon, Eone, Ciku, 4meyz, and Stoo became the roster that Todak brought to the M2 World Championships.

There is a giveaway contest with a prize of 1 million rupiah in game vouchers in the application!

EVOS SG – Singapore

source: ig

Aeon, Jpl, Pokemon, Potato, and Soul became the roster that EVOS SG brought to the M2 World Championships.

Resurgence – Singapore

source: ig

Fenrir, Fossa, Jason, Kayzeepi, Ly4ly4ly4, Sana and Sync were the roster that Resurgence brought to the M2 World Championships.

BREN Esports – Philippines

BREN Esports
source: ig

Coco, Ejhay, Flaptzy, Kartlz, Lusty, Pheww and Ribo became the roster brought by BREN Esports to the M2 World Championships.

OMEGA Esports – Philippines

OMEGA Esports
source: ig

Hadjizy, Heath, Kenji, Kurtzy, Otit, Toshi and Yellyhaze were the roster brought by OMEGA Esports to the M2 World Championships.

Burmese Ghouls – Myanmar

Burmese Ghouls
source: ig

Ace, Dee, KID, Maybe and RubyDD became the roster that Burmese Ghouls brought to the M2 World Championshiphips.

10s Gaming

10s japanese gaming m2
source of fb 10s gaming

Then there is 10s Gaming, this Japanese team is still playing with the captain Obuyan.

  • Obuyan
  • Peco
  • Pappa
  • Koro
  • Shina
  • Sevnea


Roster m2 mobile legends

Furthermore, the Brazilian team, Dreammax, is expected to surprise M2 because this is their first time in M2.

  • Nix
  • Waas
  • Homis
  • Mayke
  • Luiiz
  • Cabral
  • Aura

Impunity KH

Roster m2 mobile legends

Furthermore, representatives from Cambodia who returned to qualify for M2 are expected to talk a lot here after previously at M1 yesterday they were unable to make it into the playoffs.

  • Seobaby_
  • Oppi
  • Boom
  • Rookie
  • Hakurai
  • Naiker
  • Fakergamingroom

Unique Devu

Roster m2 mobile legends
photo via ig mpl

For the Russian team, Unique Devu, part of it is still filled with the same roster as last year’s M1, not much is known about this Russian team.

  • Lil
  • Sawo
  • Oneshot
  • Sunsetlover
  • Defender
  • Warbarbie

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