Rows of K Pop Idols Who Will Play PUBG at the 2019 ISAC Chuseok Event!

Game trends PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) it is very big, especially in the early days of its release. This also seems to make ISAC 2019 decide to enter this game as a new sport!

The 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships or better known as ISAC has finally shown the game title as one of the competitions which is held twice a year.

isac pubg
PUBG, which is the first game to be contested at ISAC 2019

Reporting from Kpop Chart, producer Choi Min Geun said New branches such as horse racing and PUBG will be added at ‘ISAC 2019 ″ which marks PUBG as the first title that kpop idols will play.

Of course this was greeted positively by fans, especially now that kpop fans do not only come from women. Most of the fans want to see how good their idols are in games that are already familiar to KPop idols.

Even though it hasn’t been officially announced yet, many fans have been speculating that their idol will appear. One of them is Nagyung from fromis_9 who is the WWCD winner of the 2018 Dolympic Game tournament for games PUBG.

isac pubg
Nagyung fromis_9. Source: OGN

Maybe if you don’t know, ISAC is a gathering place for KPop idols to compete in various physical sports and play like professional athletes in general to win medals.

Row boygroud and girl group both those who are already well-known like TWICE, iKON and EXO or even groups that we may never have heard of also enliven the event which is called the KPop idol’s dream Olympics every year.

isac pubg
Like the Olympics, K-pop idols are sworn in before competing. Source: ISAC

Of course, the addition of the PUBG game as a branch of the competition is an opening way for other games to be competed in ISAC, considering that other games such as Overwatch are also quite famous in South Korea.