ROX Tigers Announce Their Newest Roster

Finally after waiting quite a long time, ROX Tigers as one of the strengths in League of Legends officially releases news on who their latest roster is. Just like what they reported on their official fan page:

As one of the classy teams in the League of Legends scene, many regretted the decisions of the players who finally left this team. But, the show must go on. After looking for a new roster for a long time, finally the names above were chosen.

Actually it took ROX Tigers management quite a long time, they admit it and apologize to all the fans who are waiting. It was claimed that they wanted things to go according to plan. They want the roster they have to be the best.

ROX Tigers won the 2016 KeSPA with its old roster
ROX Tigers won the 2016 KeSPA with its old roster

For those of you who are not familiar with these names, Shy is a player who has had a large anma in League of Legends since 2012. Lindarang, SeongHwan, Mickey, and Sangyoon spent their 2016 being a part of Afreeca Freecs. While Key is a support that defends ESC Ever, the team that overthrew the SK Telecom T1 world champion in the KeSPA Cup in 2015.

What do you think guys? Will the ROX Tigers remain as fierce as they used to be, considering that they also touched the Worlds grand final in 2015 and the semi-finals this year?