RRQ Hoshi M2 Prediction Line Up By Omwawa, There Is No Name Of Lemon!

One of the Mobile Legends Indonesia analysts, Omwawa, has made a prediction line up RRQ Hoshi for this upcoming M2 tournament and there is no name Lemon on it.

The second series of Mobile Legends world championships, M2 will be held from January 18 to January 24, 2021 at Singapore.

There were 2 Indonesian representatives who appeared in M2, namely Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Hoshi as the champion of Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6 and also Alter Ego as runner-up.

Mobile Legends analyst, Omwawa predicts line up RRQ Hoshi and also Alter Ego and the following predictions:

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Line Up RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi M2
Photo via: MPL Indonesia
  1. Albert (jungler)
  2. Xin (gold lane)
  3. R7 (exp lane)
  4. Vyn (support)
  5. Psychoo (tank)

What is unique about Omwawa’s prediction is that there is no Lemon name line up RRQ Hoshi on M2, which is where Vyn is again support and Psychoo becomes tank.

Line Up Alter Ego

Alter Ego M2
Photo via: MPL Indonesia
  1. Celiboy (jungler)
  2. Ahmad (gold lane)
  3. Pie (exp lane)
  4. Udil (support)
  5. Leomurphy (tank)

There has been no change so far the prediction from Omwawa, which is the same as line up Alter Ego who won the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI) tournament.

But as we all know that Ahmad is most likely not playing in M2 and will be replaced by Yam.

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