RRQ.O2 Analysis and Opportunities for MPL Finals by Rangeremas, Caster MPL

Finally, we come to the end of a series of articles on analysis by casters MPL Indonesia Season 1. At the end of this series, we will close with the team that managed to get first place in the Regular Season, namely RRQ.O2.

We don’t think we need to talk much about this special team. Apart from containing star players, this team was also able to play calmly without emotion from the first week.

Not only that, although it is most often touted as the most terrible team in scene competitive Mobile Legends Indonesia, they never Java.

To close this series of analysis articles, we invite you again Fauzianska ‘Rangeremas’ Ramadan as one of the caster MPL Indonesia to share its opinion.

Rangeremas. Documentation: MPL Indonesia

According to Rangeremas, RRQ.O2 has 2 main strengths. First, skill outstanding individual of each team personnel. Second, although each player is special, their compactness is also very special.

These two combinations are actually very rare in many teams esports or sports because star players usually have bigger egos than other players.

“And one thing that I think is very good about RRQ.O2 is, when they are inside pressure“They continue to play neatly while thinking of solutions to turn things around without panicking, aka staying in a cold head condition,” continued Rangeremas.

RRQ.O2. Documentation: MPL Indonesia

He also shared one of his personal experiences while observing this team. He was touched to his heart when he saw them lose because this team did not blame each other between players. They also admit that they lost because they played poorly and their enemies were strong when in fact they were not.

Even so, according to Rangeremas, this team is not without flaws. “Who would have thought that a team as big and strong as this would still have flaws. When they try drafting new, they try it right on tourney which sometimes leads them to defeat like in one tourney some time ago.”

In addition, according to Rangeremas, the threat to this team also comes from other teams that have been their tough rivals. EVOS Esports because there is JessNoLimit and Oura there. In addition, according to him the threat would also come from E8 Critical Reborn who both have “The Next Level Marksman”, namely Hansen “E8 • Spade”.

Then who will be playmaker and RRQ.O2 mainstay players in the future against their rivals?

As we have written above, Rangeremas again expressed his opinion that every player here will be ready to become a mainstay player and they have an equally important portion.

Talking about strategy, Rangeremas said that RRQ.O2 would issue a new META in the round playoffs. is DikyHOWE“Who will still be at the forefront of the team? Or is there a rotation role new that they don’t usually do?

What are their opportunities?

“In my opinion, they are not necessarily champions because they are still there EVOS Esports, Bigetron Player Kill, and Elite8 CR. ” Even so, Rangeremas added that their chances of winning were definitely above 50%.

“Even if they don’t win, they will definitely be in 2nd or 3rd place.” Close Rangeremas.


Finally, waiting for the battle between the top four teams in MPL Indonesia Season 1 is really worth the wait. Is RRQ.O2 full of stars and solidarity able to withstand the onslaught of JessNoLimit and Oura from EVOS Esports?

Are they able to beat the super special ala commando Eiduart from Bigetron PK? How will they be able to destroy the E8 CR, which has the consistency and mentality of steel that never falters when under pressure?


Don’t forget to watch it live playoffs MPL Finals at Taman Anggrek Mall, dated March 30 – April 1, 2018!