RRQ officially releases its former captain from the roster

The shocking news came from RRQ PUBG Mobile division, where they released their former captain, RRQ Boonk from their roster.

December 23, 2020, Instagram Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) uploaded a farewell video with one of their PUBG Mobile division players, RRQ Ryu.

The player who parted ways with the team nicknamed the “King of Kings” was Muhammad Rizky Ananda Putra or known as RRQ Boonk.

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RRQ Boonk himself has served as the captain of RRQ Ryu PUBG Mobile and has role support. Many achievements that have been made by RRQ Boonk in RRQ Ryu include:

  1. Rank 3 PINC 2019
  2. 1st place in CIMB Niaga XTRA XPO Championship
  3. 3rd place in the World Games League 2020
  4. Rank 2 BAPAREKRAF Game Prime 2020
  5. Rank 4 PMPL Indonesia Season 2 regular season
RRQ Boonk PUBG Mobile
Photo via: RRQ

“Today we say goodbye to the previous captain from RRQ Ryu, @rrq_boonk – Muhammad Rizky Ananda Putra.

thank you brother For his valuable experience, support and struggle while in RRQ, good luck in the future and always be healthy, “wrote RRQ on his Instagram.

Where do you think Boonk will land after leaving RRQ?

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