RRQ Passed Indonesia Minor Thanks to Feng Shui? Xepher the Captain opens his voice

Name Rex Regum Qeon was forgotten in the competition Dota 2 in Indonesia. However, they returned to their feet after successfully winning the Indonesia Minor qualification as well as becoming representatives of Indonesia.

Even though he lost at the time group stage but they got back up and managed to qualify for the round playoffs. They finally beat EVOS and Alter Ego moment of the round playoffs.

This success certainly cannot be separated from their compact game and arrival Rusman and R7 as a new player in the team nicknamed The Kings.

However, there is one more factor that made them finally able to qualify for the Indonesia Minor as well as their return to the Dota 2 Indonesia competition. Is it true that they escaped thanks to feng shui?

For that I immediately asked the RRQ captain Kenny “Xepher” Deo via chat on Facebook, whether it was true that they passed using feng shui services.

“Just the fengshui was bribed wow, we pass because we meet gameplay which is correct, suitable, and fits “said Xepher during the interview.

Of course, he and the team were very happy to qualify for the Indonesia Minor, especially since he admitted that he had been for a long time RRQ can win qualifications in Indonesia and also minor class tournaments. “We hope for performance RRQ in the GESC can be in the best conditions for Indonesia, “he added.

The opponents that RRQ faced in Indonesia Minor were not easy, especially since they came from various regions from all over the world. When asked who the team wanted Xepher to meet, he and the team confessed Evil Geniuses.

“Because we all want to experience how tier 1 in the world plays and I think this GESC tournament will definitely give us a good experience,” he added.

Presence Rusman and R7 recognized Xepher has its own advantages thanks skill tall individual and also young. “It is very fortunate that we brought in the two young players,” he said.

He admitted that the arrival of the two players made him feel good RRQ today more compact, trust each other, and meet gameplay which is a good fit for the team.

Before closing the interview I asked what the target was in the Indonesia Minor together RRQ. “Our target is the top 3 in the Indonesia Minor tournament,” he said.

Rex Regum Qeon will face seven international teams in Indonesia Minor which will be held March 15-18 2018 at Hall 1, Indonesia Convention Center, BSD City. The total prize pool up to $ 300,000 and 300 DPC points.

Edited by Jabez Elijah