RRQ Secures ZOTAC Cup Masters SEA Qualifier # 2 Slot

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ZOTAC Cup, ZOTAC will be holding the ZOTAC Masters Cup at Computex Taipei, with prizepool for $ 100,000 USD. For the event itself, there will be 2 teams from Direct Invite, and 6 other teams from the qualifying round of each region.

As of now, no team has been announced that they will receive Direct Invite into the event. However, there is already one team that has successfully passed the qualifying round of the European region and is entitled to play in Taipei later, namely Cloud 9.

Image Courtesy: wiki.teamliquid.net

The SEA Region has 2 qualifying rounds, where one has been filled with 8 teams through Open Qualifier, and only lacked 4 teams Direct Invite.

Image Courtesy: wiki.teamliquid.net

In the other qualifying rounds, there are only 2 teams that have secured the through slot Open Qualifier, one of which is a team from Indonesia itself, Rex Regum Qeon!

Image Courtesy: wiki.teamliquid.net

If they can win in this qualifying round, they will be entitled to play in Taipei later. This round will start on May 13-14.

Maybe Rex Regum’s accomplishments this time were due to extras Bok into the rooster them, where it is announced that they have arrived in Indonesia and are a part of rooster the team.

Hopefully RRQ can pass the qualifying round of this event and can represent Indonesia in Taipei later. Good luck, Rex Regum Qeon!