RTZ Curse Breaks, Evil Geniuses Wins 2016 Mars Dota League

What a performance by Evil Geniuses, they managed to get the title of champion in Mars Dota League 2016 (MDL 2016) after defeating their opponent Newbee in the Grand Final with a score of 3-1. Previously, Newbee had won once when he met Evil Geniuses in the Upper Bracket Final where the midlaner from Newbee.Sccc used Invoker very well.

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The first game, started with Evil Geniuses, who let Newbee.Sccc get the Invoker. This might be a strategy to destabilize Newbee’s mentality if only they managed to beat Sccc’s Invoker. It turned out that their efforts were successful. Invoker.Sccc couldn’t do much against the excellent Chrono from Universe and also their new stragety by picking Warlock for zai. EG take game 1.

The second game, Evil Geniuses returned to lead by running the Storm Spirit-SumaiL and Omniknight – Cr1t combos, while Terroblade – uuu9 even though farming was good enough, but when hit by silent he really couldn’t do much, Zai with kunkaa also played very well . 2-0 for EG.

Third Game, finally Newbee can be quite relieved here, they managed to secure the third game with very good team cooperation, especially Sccc with Mirana and uuu9 with Luna, EG who chose to combo all range heroes turned out to be too risky to fight Newbee’s draft. EG (2) vs (1) Newbee, go game 4.

Game Four, it looks like Newbee is quite shaken here, several times their clash is taking a very big risk, while Evil Geniuses really showed their combo wombo in this last game, IO from Zai and Cr1t with their Wyverns had a big influence in this game. EG won by a score of 3-1

With this victory, it means that Arteezy’s curse has been successfully broken, Evil Geniuses with their new roster should not be underestimated, their performance is so compact, and other teams should watch out for it.

Evil Geniuses Champion, took home the prize – $ 112,500 or equivalent to 1.4 Billion Rupiah ~

Newbee in the Runner Up position, took home the prize – $ 50,000 or the equivalent of 649 Million Rupiah ~

Wellplayed Evil Geniuses and Newbee, Goodluck Next Tournament (y)