[RUMOR] PlayStation 5 Priced at 7 Million Rupiah?

After being hit by various rumors, the PlayStation finally released a little information about the presence of a new console game. From the price of the PlayStation 5, which is still a rumor, it has become a hot topic of conversation because the official specifications have been issued by the mouth of the PlayStation directly.

Yep, through the Game Developers Conference 2020, Mark Cerny as the PlayStation Lead System Architect gave a series of specifications for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

From the storage sector, the PS5 will use SSD technology then the processor will entrust it to the AMD manufacturer. The series used is of course the latest version and is suitable for special PlayStation devices.

Source: PlayStation

This latest console carries AMD Zen 2 (octa-core) 3.5 GHz which is supported by RDNA 2 based graphics. 16 GB of RAM is also available on the latest PlayStation console.

Mark also explained that the PS5 device only takes 2 to 50 milliseconds to load 50-100 MB of data, of course, boot speed and data rendering are the latest features on this one device. “The PS5 will come exclusively with an 865 GB SSD. The journey of booting the game will be very fast, like a wink, “said Mark.

Uniquely, the PS5 will be equipped with a USB hard drive that has a special feature to play PlayStation 4 games via HDD. For screens, you can use a 4K to 8K resolution screen to support the clarity of the UHD Blue-Ray technology from the PlayStation 5, isn’t it cool?

Source: PlayStation

The audio aspect also remains impressive with the presence of Tempest 3D Audio Tech which emits 3-dimensional sound and adds to the experience of playing a game that is increasingly real. But for the form itself, the PlayStation is reluctant to show it to the audience.

It is rumored that the PlayStation 5 will be released in November 2020 at a price that has not been announced yet. Information from various sources and retail e-commerce quoted from Tech Radar says that the PS5 is priced at US $ 499.

That means, around 7 million Rupiah (assuming an exchange rate per dollar of Rp.14,000) when it was officially launched for the first time in North America, Japan and Europe. Of course this price fits perfectly with all the qualities and specifications that the PlayStation 5 shows.

Source: PlayStation

Eitss, but you need a clear screen for the maximum gaming experience. And don’t forget the price line for PlayStation 5 games, which are rumored to be more expensive than the previous series.

However, this is just a rumor. Because many blogs present different prices, but it would be nice to wait for official news from PlayStation and Sony.

So are you ready to play the latest console from Sony? Save it, don’t forget, wow!