S1mple Iconic Graffiti Has Been Added to Recent Cache Folder

On October 4 yesterday, ESL’s official live stream broadcast the latest version of Cache CS: GO to show a rework of folder the.

On their way to the bombsite B, fans were delighted to be presented with the iconic s1mple graffiti that has been added back to the game. Counter Strike: Global Offensive this.

The graphics are exactly the same as the previous one, having iconic wings and characters CS: GO who holds the AWP, that represents the incredible s1mple game of 2016.

Images: @patwastaken

During the match between fnatic and Team Liquid at ESL One Cologne 2016, s1mple was in a condition of 1 against 2 players in the 14th round.

Fnatic players, Dennis Edman and Freddy “KRIMZJohansson tried to rush to Bombsite B but ran into an advantageous position for s1mple.

The Ukrainian star went blindly with his AWP in that position, he beat Dennis with one shot while dropping himself then killed KRIMZ shortly after with a long-range shot without using a scope.

Prior to the addition of this graffiti by the developer, s1mple had said that he wanted to get a new graffiti for himself. Given that you could say he was a game player Counter Strike: Global Offensive the best in the world.

Folder recently planned to be fully released on 10 October. Are you Revival a fan of Om s1mple?

Editor: Yubian Asfar