Saiful “Fbz” Ilham: Not all SEA Toxic players

BOOM Esports has a rising name in the competitive arena of SEA, they are able to play well among the top SEA teams. Saiful “Fbz“Ilham is one of the BOOM players who can be said to have just adjusted from a midlane to an offlane position.

Then, BOOM Esports, which is increasingly having a name, is now in the spotlight of the community Dota 2 SEA. VPEsports conducted an exclusive interview with the former Pandora Esports player. For those of you who are impatient, take a look at their chat below.

What about BOOM Esports during the COVID-19 pandemic? Does everyone stay at the bootcamp playing online tournaments or are they all at their own homes?

I think we are all healthy and doing well. We keep training and try to improve at this difficult time. All BOOM players play at home, except for me. I was stuck in the bootcamp because of a travel device.

Speaking of BOOM Esports, how far do you think the BOOM team is among the SEA teams?

I would say, we are in the top 5 of the SEA team.

Do you think Southeast Asia has become more competitive in recent years?

Yes, Southeast Asia has become very competitive in recent years. Tier 2 teams are getting better every day. I know this because there are no “easy games” in some DPC qualifiers; all teams put up a fight.

Who do you think are the 3 best teams in Southeast Asia right now?

I can say first is Fnatic, then followed by TNC Predator in second place. For third place, it continues to change between BOOM Esports, Team Adroit, and Geek Fam.

Source: WePlay!

What does the Southeast Asian region need to be able to compete with teams from Europe or China?

We need a more competitive environment, such as the presence of an exclusive tournament or league in SEA to improve our quality.

How to play public in SEA? Is it true that many are ‘toxic’ like people say?

I don’t think SEA is too toxic; lots of friendly players. Not all of them are toxic, I can say that only about 10% of the players are.

How competitive is Dota 2 in Indonesia? Is this the most popular esports game?

Rows of players Dota 2 in Indonesia is very small, for now. In fact, many people don’t play it anymore, but still watch professional matches Dota 2.

What about the Offlane position? Do you like him now? And, what hero do you like in META this time?

Not much has changed from the offlane. What I don’t like is that Pipe of Insight is 600 gold more expensive than the 7.25c patch. Now I really like playing Nature’s Prophet.

If you were allowed to change one thing from the Dota 2 game, what would it be?

I want to increase my gold income from kill and have time respawn the longer one. I think this will provoke the team to keep fighting and making matches Dota 2 so it’s more fun to watch than just farming.

saiful fbz
Source: ESL

Are there any other games besides Dota 2 to relieve stress?

Me and the BOOM Esports team usually play Rocket League or a simple online game. But to relieve stress, I usually just listen to music.

Thank you for your time! Have a few messages?

Greetings to all fans Dota 2 Indonesia and the management of BOOM Esports who continue to support us, I am very grateful.

Well, that’s a little interview from Saiful “Fbz“Inspiration about the situation Dota 2 in Southeast Asia and the state of Indonesia in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. BOOM Esports itself has made various achievements, one of which is playing in the Minor and winning the ESL SEA Championship.

It’s worth waiting for trophies and other achievements from the BOOM Esports team. But, poor Fbz too, at bootcamp alone wow.