Sam Ratulangi University Wins PUBG Mobile Campus Championship!

A university from Manado, Sam Ratulangi University, has won the PUBG Mobile tournament between the largest campuses in Indonesia, the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2020.

One of the 4 teams sent by Sam Ratulangi University has become the team with the best performance and achievements after collecting 117 points during 2 days of the Grand Final on 12-13 December 2020. UNSRAT-B has the right to bring home the main prize of 60 million rupiah.

“We apply PMCC 2020 with an international tournament scale system where discipline and consistency of performance are important factors in the success of a team. During almost a month of struggle, Sam Ratulangi University has shown these qualities to become the champion of the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship.

We congratulate Sam Ratulangi University for the achievement that not only makes the alma mater proud, but also for the entire Indonesian esports industry as they have shown the promising potential of esports talents. We are proud to always present the best platform as the birthplace of a new generation of professional players from Indonesia year after year,“Said Gaga Li, PUBG Mobile’s Esports Director for Southeast Asia.

pubg mobile campus championship
Source: PUBG Mobile

PMCC 2020 First Day

Since day one, the PMCC 2020 Grand Final has presented the most intense and dynamic matches. Universitas Muslim Indonesia opened the first day with a spectacular performance after embracing the first Chicken Dinner and buying 12 kills in one round. Launching a counterattack, Darwan Ali University went berserk and immediately grabbed a Chicken Dinner in the second round after previously languishing at the bottom of the standings without gaining points.

The two teams took turns stealing points to collect important capital in the most crucial round for two days. UMI managed to double their win to Double Chicken in the 5th round on folder Erangel.

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However, the consistency of UNDA’s performance in reaching the top 5 in the 3rd, 4th, 5th rounds was able to lead them to the top of the standings with 71 points. UMI is in second place with 67 points and 2 Chicken Dinner. Meanwhile, the prospective champion of UNSRAT-B is still behind in 13th place with 30 points.

PMCC 2020 Second Day

The atmosphere of the tournament is getting hotter and the Grand Final competition is getting fiercer, considering that the second day is the last opportunity for all participating teams to catch up on the first day. Gunadarma University opened the second day with a stunning performance after getting the first win and collecting 16 kills.

However, after that round, the tournament seemed to be controlled by 4 teams representing Sam Ratulangi University. The three UNSRAT teams, both teams N, J, and E managed to get Chicken Dinner respectively in rounds 2, 3, and 5. Do not want to be left behind from one alma mater team, UNSRAT-B can only break eggs in round 4 thanks to 7 kills that make it last until the last phase. Not satisfied with just 1, UNSRAT-B went berserk and added 25 points thanks to 1 Chicken Dinner and 10 kills closing the last round of the tournament.

pubg mobile campus championship
Source: PUBG Mobile

Due to these results, 15 other teams, including UNSRAT-N, had to settle for third place with 108 points, 46 kills, and 1 Chicken Dinner. In second place, surprisingly was occupied by UKP with 116 points, 51 kills, and without a single Chicken Dinner.

The achievement of the team from Surabaya is a surprise as well as proof that the consistency of the team’s ranking and performance in executing opponents is able to surpass the Chicken Dinner collection factor. For this achievement, the Petra Christian University team was entitled to a prize in second place of 30 million rupiah, and 15 million rupiah for the team in third place, namely UNSRAT-N.

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Not to forget the award was also given to individuals with the best performance who were able to boost team achievement, namely ELVOPM69 from the UNSRAT-E team with a total of 29 kills impressive, making him the Terminator as well as the MVP for the 2020 PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Indonesia.

pubg mobile campus championship
Source: PUBG Mobile

Keeping PUBG Mobile’s promise of a trilogy of competitions at the start of the tournament, Campus Ambassador and Caster Hunt also produce the main champions who are chosen through voting by all PUBG Mobile fans throughout Indonesia.

Stefanny Tanner from Prasetiya Mulya University was elected as PMCC Campus Ambassador 2020 and as an ambassador for PUBG Mobile student representatives at universities throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, Windy Amalia Putri from General Soedirman University was chosen to be the winner of Caster Hunt 2020 after proving her skills to accompany the PUBG Mobile match.

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