Say goodbye to Steam Greenlight, welcome to Steam Direct!

For years, we have known Steam Greenlight as a step for game publishers to release their games via Steam. As one of the most successful game platforms on PC, of ​​course, game publishers have flocked to send their games to Steam. Hopefully by entering Steam Greenlight, many gamers will see a “preview” of their game and vote so that the game passes and can be sold by Steam.

However, Valve’s new policy seems to have raised a few pros and cons. Where they just introduced Steam Direct. What is that?

Steam Direct is a new way for those of you who are game publishers but want your games to be sold directly by Steam without having to go through the Steam Greenlight phase first. Obviously this will more or less change the contents of the Steam Store. In the past, we only saw the games that users really wanted, with Steam Direct there might also be games that were less attractive to many users. However, Valve itself has also guaranteed that they use their algorithm to bring up games that they deserve to “promote” to their users.

With this change, Valve also seems to be changing the Curator system. Where they will be given more power to do their review of existing games. Of course, this is a counterweight to the many games that may enter the Steam Store later. Curator will help a lot in sorting out which games are worth buying and playing and which are not.

For Steam Direct itself, publishers are charged a fee of $ 100 before their games enter the Steam Store. And according to the latest news, Valve is rumored to be returning the $ 100 when the game they publish hits the $ 1000 mark through sales.

So, do you think this step will make the Steam Store better and promote publishers?

For the release itself, there is no further news about when Steam Direct will be implemented.