Sccc Takes Newbee to Grand Final, Team Secret Knocks out of MDL 2016

Newbee’s performance at MDL 2016 was truly unexpected, especially their performance against Evil Geniuses in today’s Upper Bracket Final. This time, Sccc is the center of attention, how can you not perform as a player with 9000 MMR who uses Invoker at that time, it is very, very impressive, but all of that does not escape the good back up of his teammates.

After Newbee managed to win from EG with a landslide score of 2-0, Newbee will automatically advance to the Grand Final. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses still has the opportunity to participate in the Lower Bracket Final.

Evil Geniuses opponents in the Lower Bracket Final have also been determined based on the Lower Bracket Semifinal Match between Team Secret vs OG. The match was so fierce between the two teams, especially in Game 2 which lasted up to 76 minutes.

Team Secret had mastered the game until it ran for 40 minutes, but after that OG started to lead by winning several clashes and avoiding clashes that were detrimental to OG with Siren Song from n0tail, the game took a long time because OG decided to push slowly using the many Illusions from Naga Siren. – n0tail, until finally mega creep and MidOne even though buying 3 rapiers couldn’t do much at that time, OG won 2-0 and will fight Evil Geniuses tomorrow in the Lower Bracket Final.

Watch Final Day – MDL 2016 tomorrow – October 2, starting around 11.00 WIB in the morning, of course on the YouTube channel RevivaL TV (y)