Schedule Day 1 – ESL One Genting 2017

ESL One Genting 2017 hype, it looks like this will be the first tournament that will feel really hyped after the end of the Boston Major. One of the main factors that created the hype was Fnatic’s new Roster who recruited InYourDream, a player from Indonesia who had reached 8000 MMR. Of course, this is a matter of pride, especially for esports lovers in Indonesia.

With a total of 8 teams from various regions will fight for a total prizepool of $ 250,000. Here are the teams

  • Fnatic (Mushi, InYourDream, Ohaiyo, Febby, YamateH)
  • Digital Chaos (Resolut1on, w33, MoonMeander, MiseRy, Saksa)
  • Wings Gaming (shadow, bLink, Faith_bian, y`, iceice)
  • Team NP (Aui_2000, EternaLEnVy, MSS, SVG, 1437)
  • Newbee (uuu9, Sccc, Kpii, Faith, Kaka)
  • Virtus Pro (RAMZES666, No[o]ne, 9pashaebashu, Solo, Lil)
  • WG.Unity (Ahjit, NaNa, KaNG, Ahfu, Wenn)
  • Execration (Nando, Gabbi, DJ, Owa, Kim0)

The ESL One Genting Main Event will start tomorrow 6 ~ 8 January 2017. The following is the schedule for the first day starting from the Groupstage round.

Friday, 6 January 2017

11.30 WIB

  • Virtus Pro vs. Fnatic – BO1 [A1]
  • Newbee vs. Team NP – BO1 [A2]

13.10 WIB

  • Digital Chaos vs. Execration – BO1 [B1]
  • Wings Gaming vs. WG.Unity – BO1 [B2]

Yup, there will indeed be 2 matches that run simultaneously, and this initial match is BO1. After that, it will be followed by a winner match for each group with the BO3 format.

At 14.50 WIB – Winner A1 vs Winner A2 – BO3

18.40 WIB – Winner B1 vs Winner B2 – BO3

However, the schedule also depends on whether or not the match is finished, but the order is still the same.

For those of you who don’t want to miss the match. Relax, we will cover it on your favorite YouTube channel RevivaL TV, stay tuned…. (y)