SEACA 2019 Will Be a Place for Amateur Players to Become Professional

Yesterday, 8 November 2019 became the official opening of one of the biggest esports events in Indonesia, namely the Southeast Asia Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArena.

Where participants from various regions in Indonesia come to compete and compete starting from November 8 to 10 at the Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini, Jakarta.

By using an open competition format, SEACA 2019 managed to attract around 10,000 teams from various regions in Indonesia. All participants will give all their best efforts to get a slot to compete in the 2019 UniPin SEACA Grand Final.

The qualification is divided into two qualification parts. For Indonesian qualifications, there is the UniPin Inndomaret Championship and the UniPun City League.

SEACA 2019 1
Images: Hybrid

Similar to the Southeast Asian qualification level, there will be a UniPin KK Mart Championship which will be held in the neighboring country, Malaysia and the UniPin SEACA 2019 Philippine Qualifier.

After running match after match. Now there are around 464 best participants left in 66 teams.

The total participants will later compete divided into 3 game branches that are contested in SEACA 2019, including Dota 2, Free Fire and also PUBG Mobile. They will compete for a total prize of Rp. 2.4 Billion.

As reported by the old Hybrid, the CEO and Co-Founder of UniPin, Ashadi Ang emphasized that he wanted to encourage an open competition system so that it could produce superior seeds for the development of esports, through the 2019 SEACA competition.