Sensitivity of Ruok Free Fire (FF), Continuous Headshot from Thailand!

Many are curious about the latest Ruok Free Fire (FF) sensitivity setting. Who do Free Fire players know about Ruok? This Thai creator’s content is idolized by many FF users with its expertise.

In fact, many of Ruok’s masters accused him of being a cheater. Even though he was really good with raw skill his. There are many who are looking for their own settings which are said to be very suitable for them.

But before you know the Ruok Free Fire (FF) Sensitivity setting, try to make your own settings. The reason is because each player has different settings. Moreover, the suitability of each hand will be difficult to estimate.

So for those of you who want to use the Ruok FF headshot Sensitivity setting, it’s better to find the one that suits you first. But if it matches this setting, it’s not wrong either. In this shooter game, there really isn’t the best setting.

Okay, without further ado let’s take a look at the Ruok Free Fire settings. As a player who has an unreasonable aim, he certainly has a setting that suits him too. His setting is not really “wow” either.

This is the Sensitivity of Ruok Free Fire (FF)

You can try the Ruok Free Fire (FF) Sensivity setting, continue the following headshot:

  • Look Around: 91 (If a large screen is recommended for FF sensitivity below 70)
  • Red Dot Sight: 60
  • 2x Scope: 55
  • 4x Scope: 55
  • AWM Scope: 20

This content creator from Thailand has very high skills. He often even uploads a lot of kills which are quite difficult. With a consistent headshot, his skills are certainly no joke.

Regarding the sensitivity of his Ruok Free Fire (FF) auto headshot, you can see the image based on the video.

It can be seen from the sensitivity of his Ruok Free Fire that there is nothing special. Maybe a bit heavy for some players because they don’t use fast free fire sensitivity. But this is advantageous for some players who have fast fingers.

With this sens you can more easily get accurate attacks. Especially because Free Fire doesn’t have a gyro which makes it difficult for many players.

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This Ruok Free Fire (FF) Sensitivity setting is indeed suitable for all situations. Compared to the hassle-free fast sensing at long distance or the hassle-free heavy sensing at close range, this one is quite balanced. Especially for those of you who play casually.

Using Ruok Free Fire’s Sensitivity, this Continuous headshot is also suitable for a variety of conditions. Like being in a gang or lying down there is nothing so different. You can be more comfortable with this fairly balanced sens.

that’s information about the Ruok Free Fire (FF) Sensitivity setting, continue headshots. For those of you who are curious and want to try it, just try transferring the settings. Maybe it is a good fit, which can help your Free Fire game later. Also follow our social media on Instagram.