Serenity Team Failure & the Fall of the SEA Representative

The closer to the final title of The International 8 event, several teams are in main event back to take its toll. Now the teams from the SEA representatives, Mineski then from the team that carries title ‘The Next Wings Gaming’, Serenity Team also fall.

TI8 playoff match on second day. Source: Valve

In addition, several winning teams in the upper bracket also fell to the ground lower bracket, namely the VGJ.Storm team and Team Secret. Indeed SumaiL and friends appeared dominant since the group stage until the 6th day of The International 2018 event.

For those of you who overslept last night, Mimin RevivalTV presents a brief presentation of what happened during the TI8 event on the 6th day.

VGJ.Storm 0-2 OG

JerAx and Topson against VGJ.Storm. Source: Valve

The first match brought together the two successful teams in the TI8 group stage, namely VGJ.Storm and OG. But it looks like VGJ.Storm is having a pretty hard time getting on with it draft when they were sanctioned by Valve.

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How effective is it? Seeing the 2-0 score without reply, VGJ.Storm felt quite difficult without a coach on the first day. Their defeat on the first day was a penalty for the coach’s absence.

OG actually appeared loose, where they managed to secure the match with a score of 2-0, even though they had to go through the match for 44 minutes. Anathan “ana“Pham suddenly stole the attention of the audience on the Rogers Arena stage.

The reason is, the Australian national player successfully pocketed 12 kill with the Phantom Lancer. In the second match also the beautiful Troll Warlord game managed to bring 17 kill to OG’s advantage.

With this result the VGJ.Storm got down to lower bracket and must be ready to face Winstrike. Can they rise up with the presence of a coach when they are released from Valve sanctions?

Evil Geniuses 2-0 Team Secret

Team Secret against Evil Geniuses. Source: Valve

After a brilliant performance in the TI8 group stage, it turned out that SumaiL and his friends were constantly amazed. The reason is, this time they managed to beat Team Secret, which is ranked fifth in the Dota Pro Circuit standings.

Then, Evil Geniuses showed a very dominant game against Puppey and friends. EG started the match by bringing a mainstay hero Fly, namely Phoenix.

Sure enough, Fly in the first match successfully dominated his path laning phase EG, even he was able to pocket 20 assist. A score of 34-21 successfully closed the first match for EG’s benefit.

However, the second match did not seem much different, because Puppey and his friends actually received a defeat with a score of 37-41 for EG. After Arteezy success with Ursanya in the first game, this time it’s turn SumaiL who showed off with his Gyrocopter.

Fly once again looked terrifying by successfully pocketing 33 assist. Maybe the arrival of Fly and s4 was not in vain, EG automatically advanced to the next round and Team Secret went down to lower bracket.

OpTic Gaming 2-0 Team Serenity

OpTic Gaming against Team Serenity. Source: Valve

After the first disadvantaged playoff round, OpTic Gaming again showed its action on the Rogers Arena stage. This time they will face Team Serenity who is nicknamed ‘The Next Wings Gaming ‘, but is that so?

Does not seem, Team Serenity is not even able to steal 1 point even against ppd and friends. Even so, Serenity was not without a fight against The Green Wall’s fleet.

In the first match itself, OpTic Gaming was arguably dominant, with a score of 31-9. Even CCnC who used Storm Spirit did not die once against Team Serenity.

But in the second match, Team Serenity got up a little, able to manage laning phase. But XCJ and friends still experience defeat in every clash against OpTic. CCnC became the initiator again after bringing a score of 38-20 for OpTic and its Alchemist.

Team Serenity’s position and defeat at the same time ended the journey of the surprise team from China. On the other hand, OpTic will host to determine who will advance to the next round. 2-0 Mineski against Mineski at TI8. Source: Valve is the leader of the DPC, which has a myriad of hopes and expectations from esports activists Dota 2. However, the Russian team continued to show less than optimal games.

Until finally they appeared ferocious after beating Mineski with a score of 2-0 without reply. This defeat also marked the end of the journey for the only representative of Southeast Asia at TI8. itself has brought in a quite foreign hero, namely Invoker. Indeed, you could say there are no players who are very good at using Invoker in VP, because RAMZES666 itself is more inclined towards hero signatureher, Boordmother.

Sure enough, No.[o]ne- who had complained about Midlane’s position apparently returned to appear neat. His Clinkz in the second match made the difference by bagging 14 kill. The score of 38-19 also closed the second match with a 2-0 result for VP. itself does appear a little out of shape at TI8. In fact, Team Liquid, PSG.LGD appeared charming and suited their journey in the 2017/18 DPC season. VP himself will host OpTic Gaming which successfully defeated Team Serenity.

Now on the side upper bracket The remaining 4 giant teams are ready to secure their place in the top 4 of TI8. PSG.LGD will face Team Liquid, and OG is also ready to host Evil Geniuses, which is strengthened by the former, Fly & s4 (former bro, wow).

EG, Team Liquid, PSG.LGD, and OG in the TI8 upper bracket. Source: OG Twitter

So who are you championing? The International 2018 is arguably still difficult to predict with the large number of DPC top 5 teams. Team Secret will host Vici Gaming to continue their championship hopes on the TI8 stage.

The sixth day of TI8 bracket. Source: Valve