Serenity Team Wins The First The International 8 Slot in China Qualification

The International 8 which is a grand tournament Dota 2 has started the title main qualifier-his. Several teams were able to qualify for the round main qualifier in each region to knit hope to appear on the main stage, Vancouver Arena, Canada.

Great event Dota 2 that will take place on 20-25 August 2018 it has presented one of the officially participating teams. Not a familiar name, that is Serenity Team from regional China.

Team Serenity Dota 2 qualified for the main qualifier for The International 8. Source: Wyk

Then, this is quite surprising for some esports activists Dota 2 in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. Besides because they are present by way open qualifier, Team Serenity also beat tough opponents.

Who are the Serenity Team retainers? The following is the list of Team Serenity players and their positions rooster:

  • Jin “zhizhizhiZhiyi – Midlane (1)
  • Zhang “ZydQuanda – Carry (2)
  • Zhao “XinQZixing – Offlane (3)
  • Xiong “PywJiahan – Support / Roam (4/5)
  • Xiao “XCJChaojian – Support / Roam (4/5)

They beat LGD.Forever Young the favorites qualify for the Chinese qualification. Fleet zhizhizhi appeared dominant by ending the score 2-0 straight away without reply.

Team Serenity also beat Boboka and friends from the Invictus Gaming team with a fairly fierce score, 2-1. The presence of this dark horse certainly surprised several teams Dota 2 Another Chinese.

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But to what extent is Team Serenity’s strength to be able to beat strong teams Dota 2 in the qualifying round of The International 8? How rooster is this capable of appearing fierce? The extent of the experiences and travels of the rooster Team Serenity?

team serenity dota 2
Team Serenity Dota 2 qualifies for the main event The International 8. Source: Wyk

Serenity Team itself was formed in September 2017, where rooster oldest surviving, XCJ made their debut for the title Perfect World Open Qualifier.

But failure rooster to reach out slots this in fact destroyed Team Serenity’s line-up.

Just call names like doodle, BIG_A, longGGG, mianmian, gotta get out of line rooster.

However, Team Serenity announced again rooster in January 2018 for upcoming tournaments with the current lineup.

Jin “zhizhizhi” Zhiyi. Source: EHOME Twitter

In terms of experience too zhizhizhi became the top after having strengthened EHOME.Keen then forming Keen Gaming. On the other hand, XCJ and Pyw are the 2 less well-known players in the professional realm Dota 2 international.

But with the arrangement rooster which is quite foreign, of course title The ‘Dark Horse’ deserves to be pinned on them.

Maybe this team will be able to follow in the steps of Wings Gaming, which appeared as a dark horse and won the International 6 event.

Wings Gaming won The International 6. Source: Dota 2

Apart from Team Serenity, Invictus Gaming became the second team that managed to get a ticket to main event The International 8 on 20-25 August 2018.

Plus the presence of these 2 teams, there are at least a total of 6 Chinese teams participating in The International 8 event.

With the curse of The International, where the Chinese team is predicted to be the champion this year, maybe Team Serenity’s presence is a sign.

However, it is too ridiculous to be fixated on the curse of The International when was dominant plus Team Liquid who still showed their good performance through the victory at the China Dota2 Supermajor event in early July 2018.