Shining Brilliant Again, ThePrime.NND Qualified for MDL Macau Regional Qualifier!

The good news for homeland esports is back. This time, the team from Indonesia ThePrime.NND (TP.NND) managed to qualify for the Southeast Asia Regional Qualifier for the Mars Dota 2 League Macau, the 5th Minor event at the Dota Pro Circuit.

Team led by Nafari They fought their way through the Open Qualifier round, where they had against teams that could not be easily beaten like Fire Dragoon, and EHOME.Immortal in the Semi-Final round.

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For those who don’t know, other than rooster their main, EHOME (EHOME.I) has other teams that are also in the division Dota 2. For EHOME.Immortal itself, this team consists of Puer tea, Xm, Wenn, JoHnNy, and Reisen. TP.NND must beat this team in order to qualify for the next round.

In Game 1, TP.NND was defeated by EHOME.I within 37 minutes, because the Death Prophet played by Xm could not be stopped. TP.NND struggles to get kills and from 11-12 minutes, EHOME.I takes hold leads in the aspects of Net Worth, Experience, and Gold. ThePrime.NND also had to collapse in the first game.

Game 1 ThePrime.NND vs EHOME.I
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But the opposite happened this time in Game 2, played by Meepo Rusman is now unstoppable EHOME.I. Added with Panda who uses Puck, he doesn’t even die in the game. Finally after 30 minutes, TP.NND won this game and continued their journey in Game 3.

Game 2 ThePrime.NND vs EHOME.I
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This game is different from previous games. The two teams looked evenly balanced, and the final score also showed that the two teams had a similar average kill rate.

When viewed from the point of view of the net worth of these two teams, it only fluctuates repeatedly. However, Experience and Gold were completely controlled by EHOME.I until 37-38 minutes, where TP.NND managed to turn things around. They managed to destroy 2 sets of Barracks and EHOME.I finally called ‘GG.’

Game 3 ThePrime.NND vs EHOME.I
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With that, they managed to qualify for the MDL Macau Regional Qualifier with the team New Beginning. These two teams no longer need to fight each other because they immediately qualify for the next round. The round will start on November 13, and TP.NND will face it Fnatic who just changed their roster, in the first round.

MDL Macau SEA Qualifier Participants
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Continue to support the team from this country and hopefully they will qualify for the Main Event in Macau. Good luck, ThePrime.NND!

Edited by Jabez Elijah