Short Profile of the New Coach Digital Chaos, ixmike88

Digital Chaos, a team based in North America, just announced coach their new, ixmike. He is not coach first Digital Chaos (DC) and he is also one of the players since that era DotA.

Check out the following profile to see his story in the world of esports since he first entered the competitive realm.

compLexity 2012
compLexity 2012 – Image Courtesy:

Ixmike’s first competitive team was FIRE, as he played with other players from North America and Canada. The team will later be acquired by compLexity (coL) and become rooster Dota 2 their first.

The team then participated in The International 2012 and in the preliminaries, they managed to occupy the 2nd position in Group B, with a score of 9-5. But in the Main Event round, they had to lose in the Upper Bracket against Team Zenith and have to get down to the Lower Bracket.

There they were also defeated by EHOME, which causes them to be eliminated from the event.

Team Liquid 2013
Team Liquid 2013 – Image Courtesy:

After the event, Jeyo rumored to be moving to the team Evil Geniuses. Sure enough, on October 9th, this was confirmed and finally the compLexity players decided to move to their new respective teams. HANNAH_MONTANA join Fnatic.NA, meanwhile TC, FLUFFNSTUFF and ixmike join Team Liquid.

With his new team, ixmike once again had the opportunity to participate in The International 2013 event. In this event one of the best momentsgokil in this world Dota 2 occur. Who doesn’t remember the match LGD against Team Liquid? Even Valve also released an episode in a series called “The International Archives.”

But unfortunately, after the match, Liquid was finally defeated by Invictus Gaming in the next round. As a result, Team Liquid occupied 7-8th place at the TI3 event. With that result, ixmike decided to go dormant in order to take care of “ixdl,” a in-house league which was quite famous at that time.

After about 7 months of not playing in competitive competitions, ixmike finally returned to the competitive realm by joining the team Sneaky Nyx Assassins. In that team, he again played with FLUFFNSTUFF and later on with TC as well. At the end of December, the three players decided to change the name Sneaky Nyx Assassins to FIRE.

However, the new FIRE did not produce any unsatisfactory results. They went through many player changes and even had time to disband, then remodel again rooster they. ixmike was also one of the players who eventually left the team.

ixmike Team Freedom
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He finally joined several casual teams such as Wheel Whreck While Whistling, Champions of Summer’s Rift and later Team Mischief. But fortunately, Team Mischief was later acquired by Team Freedom, a team that is much more competitive and not just a casual team.

This team managed to achieve much better results than the previous ixmike teams. Ixmike’s last event with Team Freedom was the qualifying round of the Kiev Major, against other big teams such as Team NP, Team OnyX and compLexity. However because they failed to get through the round, finally rooster they were disbanded.

ixmike has yet to find a new competitive team, even though he had joined the casual teams that were formed to join the Open Qualifier round of The International 2017. Until finally he was reported to have become coach new to the Digital Chaos team, which had just changed their players.

As you can see, ixmike’s history in the competitive world is filled with stories of success as well as failure. But his determination to stay in the competitive realm was really high and he wasn’t afraid to fail time and time again.

Gabe and Mike
Gaben and ixmike – Image Courtesy:

Hopefully with the existence of ixmike as coach DC is not only beneficial for DC, but also as an experience for ixmike itself. Good luck DC, and good luck, ixmike!

Edited by Jabez Elijah