Shroud from C9 opens his voice over his disapproval of PUBG becoming esports

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) has indeed grown rapidly in popularity since it was first released in 2017. Lately, even ESL has become one of them organizer the biggest esports in the world also invited Bluehole Studio, PUBG developer, to lift their game into a competitive arena, such as Gamescom PUBG Invitational, IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) Oakland, or IEM Katowice.

Even though it seems that the idea of ​​PUBG to become esports is interesting, it seems that not everyone agrees with this. One of those disagreements came from Michael “shroud” Grzesiek from Cloud9 (C9).

Shroud himself is actually one of the C9 frontmen for CS: GO who some time ago decided to step down as a substitute and focus as a substitute streamer for C9.

Stream Shroud himself is actually more about PUBG than he is CS: GO now but he has an interesting argument about his disagreement over PUBG being esports.

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Shroud’s opinion came out after Senz Houston, CEO we at RevivalTV asked him what he thought of the future PUBG as esports at that time PUBG streaming on Twitch.

In stream said, Shrouds said that PUBG has no future as esports, even though the developer or ESL is directing it there.

He argued that PUBG is a genre game Battle Royale which must be completely overhauled gameplayif you want to be esports. One aspect that can make PUBG more conducive to scene competitive is if gamesplay its more similar H1Z1.

The reason is, in the game, when we are landing, we will have the option to select all available weapons. While in PUBG, our weapons are based on the system random loot.

A player who gets a gun will certainly not be balanced / fair when he meets the enemy who gets it shotgun.

On the one hand, we actually totally agree with Shroud’s argument about the injustices that the system might bring random loot.

Justice or the term is cool balancing gameplay is indeed an important factor in a game to become competitive esports and PUBG indeed, you still have to solve this problem if you want a truly balanced match.

However, on the other hand, we can also understand why ESL wants to make it esports. After all, PUBG is not only interesting to play but also very fun to watch. Value for a high audience, this is probably the main consideration for ESL to elevate it to the realm of esports.

It is also possible that the ESL thinks they can come up with a competitive system that can be a solution balancing in PUBG.

How about your opinion? Do you agree with Shroud or you don’t have a problem if PUBG into esports?